Monday, July 6, 2009

Nailcare hauling

I just got home from work before the deluge started outside, I'm lucky not to be soaked wet!

Today I had my first day at work after a couple of months break, and I am glad to be busy again; not having any job/school related things to do is too idle for me... It was a bit crazy, I had to rush out the door in the morning because I calculated the time incorrectly, and I forgot my phone, but I survived the day without it :) So after my first class in the morning I went into a couple of drugstores, trying to find some good nailcare stuff and lemming a bright, peachy nailpolish... My budget is pretty limited right now, so most of these were dirt cheap.

I got myself Rimmel's Stronger base coat, because it promises to protect the nail from staining, as well as Joko Cosmetics Cuticle Removing Gel containing almond oil and maracuja (sic!). Joko is a Polish brand with really reasonable prices (the gel costed around 2 pounds) and some gorgeous nailpolish shades, I spotted an amazing lilac polish on their nail chart, but unfortunately the shop was sold out. But I'm going to come back for this one! So, together with Sally Hansen's Mega Shine topcoat and Burt's Bees Cuticle Creme I got in Canada my basic nailcare kit is complete now and I can start perfectioning my manicures.

The colors in the photo are very yellowed because of my lamp...
Recently I also bought these two nail polishes. The baby pink one is from Miss Sporty French manicure line, another cheap find, I think it'll be great for work appropriate, subtle nails. The other bottle is Essence Multi Dimension 3 in 1 nailpolish in 44 Object of Desire that Miss Chievous blogged about some time ago. Supposedly Essence nailpolishes are great quality, and again, it was less than 2 pounds. Object of Desire is probably the brightest color I own right now, it's a gorgeous peachy pink with very subtle shimmers, can't wait to wear it on my nails. I have to check out their other shades, but in the drugstore I went to at least half of Essence products were gone, so I guess they're pretty popular.

So that's it for my haul, it was pretty interesting for me to have a look in many different drugstores here and seeing what they carry. We really have a lot of brands on our market, both Polish and foreign, so there's a lot of diversity in terms of shades and price ranges as well. The highlight of my day was when I went into a tiny chemist's near the university campus and asked about a cuticle oil, and there was this sweet old lady at the counter who recommended the Joko one and conspirationally informed me that 'these... Henzyn [Sally Hansen, at least 3 times more expensive - editor's note] are completely useless' :)

Hope you all had a wonderful beginning of the week and thanks for stopping by! xxx


  1. I lov the smell of the cuticle butter! All burts bees things smell so yummy! xxx

  2. Great haul! I love Burt's Bees, BTW!
    have a nice week!

  3. I use that Rimmel base coat quite often--it's real nice for the price! I haven't had any problems with it yet..

    Wish we had Miss Sporty here. That's one thing I always regret picking up more of when I'm out of town..

  4. *not picking up more of..oops ;)

  5. @Tali: I love the smell too, yesterday I tried it on my lips because I forgot a lip balm and it worked great as well! I even tried it on an itchy spot and either it helped or I just forgot about the itchiness... :) xxx

  6. @Catanya: Thank you, hun, the same to you! x

    @fantastic: I was in two minds about the base coat, so I'm glad you say it's a good buy! Miss Sporty polishes are very nice, but the color selection isn't that great :( x

  7. Thanks for sharing your knowledge