Monday, January 25, 2010

Canada Haul and Project 5 Pan

I think it might have slipped somewhere in the last post that I hauled some goodies from Canada; well, of course, apart from MAC and Lush stuff I've already blogged about, I guess nobody would've expected me to stop only at that... Anyhow, I thought I'd share, because it was all 'responsible' make-up shopping this time and so far I'm really liking everything I got.

Enough babbling, on to the good stuff!

I caved in and got myself Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation for Oily/Combination skin in the shade Ivory. I had a lot of trouble choosing a shade as there were no testers in the drugstore, but eventually went for the lightest, Ivory, which is spot on! I'll be testing it some more in the following weeks and let you know my final verdict then, but so far we're getting on pretty well.

Then I bought Benefit Hoola bronzer and MAC Viva Glam IV Frost lipstick as treats to myself: the bronzer for not going over my budget and the lipstick at the airport in Toronto on my way back to Poland, when my connection turned out to be delayed for 4 hours on top of 2 hours that I already had to wait. Pfff! Anyhow, they fulfill their role as perk-me-ups brilliantly, both great products that I reach for almost every day now.

Then we have Annabelle eyeshadow in Divine Diva, a shimmery purple with good pay-off and consistency, Annabelle Smudgeliner in Rich Chocolate, a creamy, long lasting, dark brown eyeliner pencil which received a lot of praise from Michelle at Lipstick Rules and believe me, this lady knows her Canadian make-up brands, and last but not least, Gosh Velvet Touch waterproof eyeliner in the shade Black Ink, also highly ranked by the beauty blogging world and I can honestly attest that it deserves all the attention. I also got Covergirl Lashblast waterproof mascara for obvious reasons, but forgot to include it in the photo.

As you can see, these products are all great staples and I'm really glad I got them as they're unavailable here in Poland. I'd been thinking about buying some of them as backups to the products I'm running low on, but since those new ones are so much better than the ones I'm using, I decided I need some extra motivation to wait until I use up the old ones up. So... I'm joining Project 5 Pan! I know 10 pan is absolutely unrealistic in my situation, I wanted something I could actually achieve :) Thanks to Tali at The Gloss Goss for inspiration to jump in!

I already have a couple products nearing their make-up drawer life, like this Coastal Scents Eye Poxy eyeshadow primer which I very passionately despise of right now for its rubbish texture and little staying power, and this Miss Sporty Mini Me eyeliner in Grizzly (that's ridiculous name for a shade), which is a medium brown. The latter is actually not a bad product, I especially like it as a base or for a very smudgy look, however it's not very long lasting. I have fantastic backups for both, so wish me luck in sticking to these products!

Have you ever joined Project 10/5 Pan or are you planning to in the future? Let me know about your experience! xxx


  1. I love colorstay =) Its my favourite foundation and prefer it to my mac SFF. The eyeshadow looks very pretty too and GOSH is always a favourite! xx

  2. I have tried so many times to do Project 5/10 Pan but failed miserably! I am not patient enough.

    Anyway, I wanted to say hi! I am a new subscriber to your blog and I really like it :) I am half Polish and I live in London so its nice to read your blg :p xx

  3. @Pyxiee: I had SFF applied for my wedding day and to me they have a completely different formulation and coverage, I think Revlon looks much more natural! xxx

    @Monica: Hi hun, thanks so much for subscribing! My name is actually Monika, so that's a nice coincidence :) Do you speak any Polish? xxx

  4. Good luck with your project :)I am happy to read that you like Hoola, lately I am so in love with Benefit.
    PS. I wrote you an e-mail yesterday
    Marina from MakeUp4all

  5. Thanks, Marina! I adore Benefit stuff too, it's just SO expensive :( I'll check my inbox first thing in the morning! xxx

  6. i'm on it right now, and trying to decide if i can include body products as well! it's hard for me to use up items...but it's best if i do :) best of luck to you!

  7. Ooh I love ColorStay and Hoola bronzer too, they are my everyday faves :) That lipstick looks like such a gorgeous colour!!
    If you ever need anything that you can't get in Poland I would be more than happy to send some things your way :) x

  8. @Ane: I was thinking of including body products as well to maybe reach 10, but then decided to limit myself to something more attainable... Still, it's so hard! xxx

    @Sarah: The lipstick is a great shade, I'm planning some FOTDs with it once my skin gets back to normal... And thanks for the offer, hun, that's super sweet of you :) x

  9. What could be a Canadian haul without Annbelle and Gosh :-) Great choices.

  10. @Halifax: Definitely, although Gosh is a Danish brand in fact and it's even available in very selected drugstores here, but much more expensive and the stock is usually quite depleted :( But Annabelle and Marcelle for that matter are great brands! xxx

  11. Yep, I know, but US doesn't have Gosh, which makes it so "Canadian", lol