Thursday, January 21, 2010

Voyages canadiennes

Wondering what I was up to when I wasn't posting?

Me and hubs went for a goodbye trip to the east of Canada. I'm saying 'goodbye' here because in fact we are no longer Vancouverites; as some of you know, I've had to go back to Warsaw to study, and hubs, after a day of frantic packing, has just moved to the Seattle area. We will miss Canada a lot and make sure to visit often - fortunately, Seattle is only some 3 hours drive away from Van City!

Anyway, about the trip... Our first stop was Toronto and Niagara Falls, and then we headed to Quebec City to see Le Vieux Quebec and Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) nearby. It was freezing cold the whole week, but it was worth it! See for yourselves.

Look at the steam! It looks like factory fumes to me...

Surprisingly, ice cream vending machines were not in great demand...

Not sure what I was thinking here...

Ice Hotel! Somehow an idea of sleeping on a bed of ice didn't seem very appealing?

But the bar was cool!

In Quebec, a high collar is definitely a must.

Not so happy about the temperature (-17 Celsius, to be precise).

I think the Christmas decorations in the Old Town were the most beautiful I've ever seen!

Where's Rocaille?

It was a great way to say farewell to Canada! xxx


  1. Looks like a great time!
    Next time you are in Toronto, would love to meet in person!


  2. Oh, you are so cute! Thank you for sharing with us :)
    I absolutely love this photo :"Not sure what I was thinking here..."
    I hope to see you in Spring x
    Marina, MakeUp4All

  3. @Michelle: We spent maybe 3 hours in Toronto this time and only managed to see the CN Tower, but next time it'd be great to meet! xxx

    @Marina: Oh, it's so exciting that you're coming to Poland! And Spring is defo a better time to visit than now, for example :) xxx

  4. Cute photos - I love your expression of disgust at the cold! Us English pansies start complaining if it gets to zero..we need to toughen up a bit!

  5. @Ondine: I feel my body might actually be English in terms of temperature tolerance ;) xxx

  6. wait, seattle?! will you be visiting soon?

  7. Ane: Are you from Seattle, hun?! I'll be actually permanently moving in June/July! How fantastic, we'll have to meet! xxx