Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Robson Street haulage

For those of you who have never visited Vancouver, Robson Street is a main shopping destination for both Vancouverites and tourists. Apart from lots of different stores, you can also find little cafes, sushi bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors and what not; it'd be my favorite shopping spot if not for the crowds!

Alors, when I planned a little shopping trip, this is where my instinct of a beauty addict led me...

First stop: MAC Pro store at Robson & Howe. I've been meaning to get a couple more of neutral eyeshadows for my palette for months now, and initially my little list included Patina and Trax, but when I saw Trax in person and swatched it on my hand, there was little color but lots of gold shimmers, so I decided to skip, but Patina was definitely a keeper! My husband, who went with me, made faces at those 'boring neutrals', so together we chose Deep Truth, which is the most gorgeous navy blue with a Frost finish. I'm planning on wearing it either smudged along the lashline or for more dramatic smokey or cat eye look.

(L-R: Embark, Deep Truth, Patina)

Then, on a MUA's advice, I got Romp, though when I came back home it looked very similar to a coppery Inglot eyeshadow I had, so I exchanged it for Embark, a very dark chocolate brown with a Matte finish. I'm wearing it today with Patina on the lid and I'm so glad I got it, it's a great crease shade, warm but not too reddish.

Second stop: Lush. After reading about Lush Boxing Week sales on some blogs I definitely wanted to check out what they had on offer in the Robson store. I really wanted to get Honey I Washed the Kids solid perfume, and then I took advantage of the 3 for 1 Holiday products sale and got Let Them Eat Cake vegan lip balm, Snow Fairy solid perfume (I grabbed the last one!) and Candy Cane bubble bar.

I have to say I was a bit hesitant about the smell of this lip balm - to me and hubs it smells kinda like toffee, but the girl at Lush told me it was a Christmas cake scent (well, how would I know, to me a Christmas cake would be either a poppy seed roll or gingerbread) with a strong dose of butterscotch. Either way, it really grew on me and I love putting it on, plus the smell really lingers on your lips, I can still feel it after 1 hour from application! The consistency is of a grainy cream which melts under your fingers and feels very soft and moisturizing on the lips. Definitely thumbs up for this product!

Solid perfumes are both amazing, yummy scents, I already have the soaps from the respective lines. Plus, I like the idea of applying them together with your favorite perfume to create more unique, individual scents. I love keeping one in my purse to reapply during the day; dabbing a little at the wrists has become another of my personal pleasures.

My total at Lush came to something like 17 CAD, so that was definitely a good deal. I'm very happy with everything I got and I think for now I have satisfied my MAC and Lush cravings :)
Have you got anything at Boxing Week sales? xxx


  1. Oooooh! Some lovely purchases. I'm actually wearing Deep Truth smudged into my lash line today! It's one of my favourite shades! I'm craving some Lush treats at the moment... my stash is very depleted!!


  2. Great that you found a MAC pro store. When I was in Vancouver years ago, I wasn't into makeup, lol. I did well with a few Boxing Week hauls (if you haven't seen them on the blog), mostly nail polishes and gift sets :-)

  3. i picked up some items at lush this weekend as well. but robson street..oh how i miss that place. i've been meaning to head up there for the past month or so, but each weekend something else comes up. perhaps now we can go do a little shopping, since the holidays are over :)

  4. @loveaudrey: Deep Truth is beautiful, it's amazing for setting this Prestige navy blue eyeliner you sent me! xxx

    @Halifax: Oh I've read about your hauls, some really amazing goodies! You managed to find such great deals! xxx

    @Ane: I didn't know you lived somewhere in the area! Robson Street is amazing for shopping, especially now with the good weather :) xxx

  5. I want to go there lol.. i want to go Robson ST :( !!!

  6. Tali, hun, I'll miss Robson and whole Vancouver terribly... It's such a sad day today for me, I'm leaving :(