Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My weekend has mainly been spent...

(stolen from the oh-so-fabulous Loveaudrey)

Photo source: http://weheartit.com

- crying my eyes out at the airport saying goodbye to hubs and Vancouver
- crying some more watching "Love Happens" on the plane
- perousing the MAC counter in a duty-free when having to wait 6 hours for my delayed connection in Toronto
- treating myself to mum-made food
- memorizing economy-related English glossary and different French glossaries for tests this week
- trying to be good to my skin in an attempt to clear it a bit
- fighting jet lag and, as a result, always falling asleep in my suburban bus
- testing Revlon Colorstay foundation
- trying to be optimistic despite all the winter slush
- feeling sorry for not posting as often as I'd like

Have a fantastic and sunshiney week, lovelies! xxx


  1. Lots of good luck for your tests this week, honey. I looks forward to a review from you on that Revlon foundation.
    I hope you stay optimistic despite winter times.

  2. Hope your tests go ok! I've recently tried Revlon ColorStay and love it, hope it works for you too! xox

  3. Lovely post hun! I miss you when you don't post but I can relate to not having enough time to blog as much as you'd like. Good luck with your studying! xxx

  4. @Catanya: Thanks a bunch, sweetie! I'll do a proper review after trying it some more, but so far so good! xxx

    @Lydia: One is already passed, and I have 2 more to go, but I think I'll be ok :) x

    @loveaudrey: I think you must be like 10x busier than I am, so I can't even imagine how difficult it sometimes is for you! I'm not saying thanks to your wishing me good luck, it's a superstition in Poland not to b/c thanking might bring bad luck ;) xxx

  5. Hi. Thank you for an update. Good luck with your exams! I just started reading your blog this month and I also follow you on twitter :)

    Marina from Makeup4All

  6. Hi again Marina, thanks for following! I wanted to check out your blog but somehow it doesn't link there... xxx

  7. glad to see you back! when do you get to see your hubby again? i'm sorry you had to leave him...hopefully you'll see each other soon ;)

  8. Hi:) I just don't have any of the listed profiles. (it is just makeup4all.com) But since you follow me back (thank you) you probably already saw it :)


  9. @Ane: I'm glad to be back to blogging world too! Unfortunately, because of my studies here, we'll see each other again in June/July... Eh, I'm trying not to think about it :(

    @Marina: Oh, I tried to find you on blogger, I didn't know you had your own domain :) xxx

  10. How are you getting on with Colorstay? I loved the colour, loved the coverage but it did evil things to my skin unfortunately :-(
    Hope you're not missing your lovely husband too much..and hope you have skype! That makes things much easier if you can actually see each other to keep in touch.

  11. @Ondine: Colorstay is actually quite good, but because of mineral foundations, I'm not used to liquid right now and only go for it if I'm having a bad skin day or want a higher coverage for some reason; but I'll do a proper review in maybe 2 weeks. I agree that the color is spot on!

    Oh yes, Skype is a life saver! I do miss him, but try not to think about it too much :( Thanks for your lovely comment, hun! xxx