Saturday, April 17, 2010

FOTD: Bright and Simple

I haven't done one of those in ages, frankly because I've been feeling quite insecure about my skin's condition lately. I'm trying hard to change the attitude I have towards my face; it's quite unbelievable how critical we can be of ourselves. I've noticed I don't even pay that much attention to uneven skin texture in others, but it drives me to tears in myself.

Anyway, back to business: I neglected my black liquid eyeliner a lot in the past months, so I decided to whip it out together with another forgotten product, Inglot Gel lipstick in a vibrant deep pink shade. Here's the effect:

The photos were taken after a few hours' wear, so excuse any smudges or imperfections. I was after very clean, minimalistic lines on the eye and a bold splash of color on the lips. I think of this make-up as of a modern version of classic pin-up look, and in my opinion it goes quite well with a very pale complexion like mine because of the huge contrasts between the paleness of the skin and black and berry make-up colors.

I don't know how much of those guidelines I managed to put into practice, but this sure was a hit with my father. He likes darker lip colors a lot, maybe being educated as an actor he's not really into the whole 'make-up no make-up' trend :)

Products used:
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW20 under eyes and on blemishes
Coastal Scents Flawless Finish mineral foundation in Honey Light
NYX blusher in Angel

Annabelle So Foxy eyeshadow through the brows
Benefit F.Y... eye! primer
Inglot pearl eyeshadow no. 397 on the lid (and this color deserves a separate post, it's so pretty! Not that you can see in the photos...)
GOSH black liquid eyeliner pen
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara

Softlips SPF20 lipbalm
Inglot Gel Lipstick no. 58 (review & swatches here)

What forgotten products did you dig out this week? xxx


  1. You look gorgeous. I love this sort of look too. And I think your skin looks fabulous (but I'm also guilty of being incredibly critica of my skin so I know what you're talking about).


  2. i like it. the lipstick color really goes well with your skin tone:D

  3. @loveaudrey: Thanks hunni, well I think the way my skin looks here is all due to make-up... But hey, that's what it's for too :) xxx

    @Carrie: Thank you, sweetie! I think blue-based colors look good on pinker skintones, plus they make your teeth appear whiter! x

  4. Love it! Clean and perfect - looks perfect on you :) xxx

  5. You are so super beautiful! Bright lips look amazing on you x

  6. @Cami: Thanks hon, I have another darker lip to share, totally inspired by you! xxx

    @Daisy: Awww, thank you sweetheart... I think the key is to find the perfect shade for you... and have some courage to wear it, like I rarely do! x

  7. You look beautiful. I don't know what you're talking about. your skin looks amazing! I love the lipstick, in fact the whole look is just beautiful.

  8. @Lipstick on the cup: Dzięki, kochana! Bardzo podoba mi się Twój egzotyczny makijaż, muszę go wypróbować następnym razem, jak będę tylko miała więcej czasu pobawić się kolorami! xxx

    @Lillian: It just proves that make-up can cover A LOT ;) Thank you so much sweetheart, you definitely make me feel more confident with my skin! xxx

  9. You look beautiful! And I need to try those lipsticks. x

  10. just found your blog i love your porcelein skin with red lips, very old holly wood glamour!~

  11. @Marina: Thanks hun! Definitely try the gel lipsticks, they've got some gorgeous colors, they're super pigmented and quite moisturizing!

    @lilluna: Thank you so much for your sweet comment and stopping by! xxx

  12. Chętnie zobaczę Twoją wersję tropikalnego makijażu, a tymczasem zapraszam na mojego bloga - coś tam na Ciebie czeka :) xxx

  13. Im having a Lush giveaway for all my fellow beauty lovers! or Have a great weekend!

  14. @Lipstick on the cup: Zaraz zerknę :)

    @starcakeastrology: Thank you, hun, it looks much worse to me probably because I always look at it very close up! I'm still learning how to be more tolerant towards it. x

  15. You look gorgeous!! Did I tell you i am absolutely in love with Nyx Angel?
    Beautiful blog, I am following you, darling!

  16. @Catanya: Thank you so much for following and commenting, sweetheart! I love Angel as well, it's one of those blushers I can just swipe on and it always looks fabulous. I'm planning on getting Peach as well, do you have any shade recommendations? x