Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review: Inglot Cream Foundation

Here goes a review of a product by one of the most recently hyped up brands: Inglot. I feel ridiculously emotionally attached to this brand, as it is Polish (like me) and has been present on our market for years now. Inglot products accompanied me during many important moments in my life: first dates, family weddings, the prom. I have to admit I'm very proud of its international career and well deserved popularity :)

Inglot Cream Foundation claims to be a balancing base with a "unique system of spheric polisilicones and silica in a matrix of skin friendly esters and polimers". What the hell?! It also says on the packaging that the product contains natural UV filters, but there's no mention of the SPF protection level, which to me always sounds like there is NO sun protection in the product, and includes an ominous warning not to put the product on the eye area, which makes me even more suspicious.

The Good:
- nice consistency: a small blob goes a long way and spreads with no streaks, medium coverage
- good packaging: a sanitary tube which allows you to control the amount of product you squeeze out (but when running low, requires a bit of force to squeeze)
- didn't break me out nor caused any allergic reaction
- very affordable (approx. 10$ for 30 ml)

The Bad:
- finish: in daylight seems matte, but a closer inspection in the bathroom revealed that it contains tiny shimmers, a big no no on my oily skin
- despite wide range of shades, the lightest shade (no. 21) is waaay too dark on my palest of pale skin
- the product seems to sit on the skin even when vigorously blended, which you can see in the close-up photo. It sinks in a bit more after a couple of minutes, but still looks quite unnatural
- not very long lasting on me
- chemical smell

Would I repurchase? No. Even if the brand started catering for lighter skin tones, I don't think it's a good product for my skin type. It might perform better on drier skins, but it's not moisturizing either, so I'm not too sure. All in all, I haven't had much luck so far with Inglot's foundations and concealers, and I definitely prefer their lip and eye products.

What foundation are you using at the moment? What are your most and least favorite Inglot products? xxx


  1. Wow I didn't know that Inglot was Polish!!
    I've been hearing so many rave reviews about it as a brand but that is such a shame that the foundation didn't live up to any for you :(

  2. Well, at least it wasn't that expensive... I do love their eyeshadows and lipsticks though, and maybe their other foundations are much better, I'm kinda tempted to try the stick one ;) xxx

  3. Hello missy, Shame this isn't great.
    I bought a 'gel' lipstick from Inglot (which I keep meaning to blog about) which is a gorgeous colour and consistency, but the smell is SOOOO bad. So a real love-loathe product!

  4. I know what you mean, I have one of those Slimshine rip-offs too... And the smell really IS funky, isn't it? Gorgeous product though.

  5. I love eye, lip products and nail enamels. I also like the highlighter that I have. Never tried any foundations and concealers from them. I use Korres concealer now x

  6. I've never tried Inglot, theres only one shop in london i know of that sells it and i've never been there, but i really want to try! What a shame that this doesn't work so well for you and that that's the lightest colour!

  7. i'm looking forward to this brand being carried closer to me at some point. currently it's in NY, and perhaps I can make a small order...BUT it sounds like there are so many options, and that it's worth it to really play around with the products. what do you think?

  8. @Marina: I didn't have much luck with the nail polish as well, but maybe they changed the formula? I tried it like 7 years ago last time :) x

    @Lillian: It's defo worth a trip next time you're in London! They have enormous range of colors, I'd say probably more than MAC. Make-up addict heaven!

    @fantastic: I think you can't go wrong with the eyeshadows, maybe get yourself a small palette of these? Or let me know, I could pick some things for you and bring them with me in June(you can tell me which shades, there are swatches on Specktra I think), I know their products are about 30% cheaper here in Poland than anywhere else.