Sunday, April 11, 2010

The scariest eyeshadow


Meet the scariest eyeshadow in my collection so far: Inglot no. 366. This screaming crimson shade seemed quite bright when I swatched in the store, but definitely more on the warm coral rather than brick red side. When my pan was laying on the counter ready to be paid for and taken home, I pointed out to the sales assistant it wasn't exactly the same color as on the display. She immediately replied that all pressed powders seem to be darker at first, but it's just a surface layer, and then they oxidize and become lighter. I always thought oxidizing actually meant that the products go darker and more orange in case of face powders or foundations, but I wasn't really in the mood for discussion so I sheepishly nodded and put the culprit in my handbag.

... Together with MAC Deep Truth, they look like total outcasts in my otherwise neutral palette.

All the way home I kept having those visions of myself wearing this eyeshadow and looking like I've just cried my eyes out or had a severe allergic reaction... And then I tried to be rational and convince myself that a) I need to step out of my comfort zone, b) I can make it work, c) I can always use it as a blusher.

And you know what? I was actually right!

I attempted a very subtle warm coral eye the next morning and absolutely loved the effect. I put a matte beige eyeshadow on the lid over Benefit F.Y...eye! primer, contoured the crease with Benefit Hoola bronzer and then swept a tiny bit of my Inglot shadow over it. I finished off with some Benefit Eye Bright in the inner corner, under the brow and on lower waterline, smudged Annabelle liner in Rich Chocolate on the upper lash line and put on some Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara on top and bottom.

These photos were taken after a full day of wear, so it's pretty long lasting dare I say!

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and I feel you can create a lot of different looks with this eyeshadow depending on how much you put on, as it is highly pigmented. Also it seems to me that warm, red-based shades make my dark brown eyes stand out more and bring chestnut tones to the iris.

What's your take on reddish eyeshadow? Fierce or fearsome?

PS I'm not sure if it's only the case in Poland, but you can buy single eyeshadow pans at Inglot when you bring your original eyeshadow palette with you to the store. The pans are slightly more expensive when bought separately, but for the equivalent of 2 pounds a pop, I really don't mind. Try it next time you stop at their counter, Inglot eyeshadow pans fit MAC palettes perfectly.


  1. Very pretty! I actually love full blown red eyeshadow though :P

  2. I have to do it one day too! I just think you have to balance it off with something, for example more dramatic liner and lashes... x

  3. I think I would wear it if I could, but anything reddish makes me look sick, even red browns. So I stick to cranberry colors, or coppers.

  4. You just reminded me of my old lemming: I have to get my hands on MAC Cranberry one day! You're right that red-based colors are not universally flaterring, but there are so many other warm shades out there! x

  5. I love the color red and I believe it's all about the amount you put on your lids!:D

    That is a very beautiful shade of red, I want!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  6. I love red eye shadows! And I got 5 new Inglot shadows this month ALL are very bright :) x

  7. @Marie: Luckily Inglot is already available in the US, I strongly recommend to check it out when you have an opportunity! x

    @Marina: You have to post pictures and swatches of the ones you got on your website, I'd love to see your picks! x