Thursday, April 8, 2010

Perfect Peachy Pout

At last, I can call this season's mission to find my perfect peachy lipstick accomplished!

Meet Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Soft Coral (no. 600). It's the most beautiful, moist and shimmery pastel coral shade, not too orange and not too pink: just the perfect balance of natural freshness for everyday wear. I was immediately sold and knew I had to have this lippie after I saw the make-up artist Lisa Eldridge use it in her 'Soft Coral Make Up" tutorial. The look she created was simply stunning, so warm and youthful, I strongly recommend you to check it out if you haven't already!

My only concern is that the shimmers might feel a little gritty, and that it tastes a bit soapy, which is my pet peeve; though nowhere near as artifical as The Body Shop Yes Yes Yes lip butter, so if you can handle that, you won't even notice anything bad in this lipstick. Also, because it feels quite moisturizing on the lips, it's not the most long lasting, but I don't mind whipping the tube out of my purse anytime during the day as the packaging is really pretty :)

Some more lip swatches in different lights for you, however the swatch in the first set seems to be the most color accurate. In some pics I have a bit of clear gloss on top of the lippie.

And a comparison with some other peachy shades I have in my collection:

I'd say for the price this beauty is definitely worth a look, and I feel it'll get a lot of love from me this season. What is your perfect peachy lip product? xxx


  1. I'm sure I have this! I love the colour but dislike the shimmer, bit chunky for me. However, your post might have persuaded me to overlook that and dig this out of my stash!


  2. Very nice... I *might* have picked this up myself after seeing the video too...

  3. ooh, i'm so happy you posted this--i saw the empty area in which this was displayed at ulta the other day..i couldn't help but wonder what it looked like :)

    i do like how this has a warmer feel to it than most peachy colors...very pretty on you!

  4. @loveaudrey: It's true about the shimmer, scared me off a little bit when I first swatched it, but I'll try it tomorrow over a good lipbalm to see if it gets rid of that gritty feeling. Also, I think it's not so noticeable once on the lips...

    @Mizz Worthy: Heheh, just *might* ;) Same with me, I sometimes *might* buy beauty products like that...

    @fantastic: It looks quite natural on, it's not too pale so it doesn't wash me out, definitely in the warmer color family. I think I'd also look beautiful with your skintone! xxx

  5. What a gorgeous colour!!! Looks amazing on you too :)

  6. Thank you, sweetie :) I'd post a full face shot if I wasn't so spotty atm... x

  7. Bardzo podoba mi się Twój blog - będę zaglądać :) Pozdrawiam!


  8. It's a very pretty colour on you!

  9. @Marta: Ha, co za niespodzianka usłyszeć polski głos w anglojęzycznym świecie urodowych blogów! Muszę koniecznie odwiedzić Twój :) Pozdrowienia! xxx

    @Lillian: Thanks a lot, sweetie :) I think it's a great universal color! x

  10. I don't have one yet! Still on the search for a perfect peach lipstick!:D

    Soft coral works well with your skin tone!:D

    Just followed your blog, follow mine too?:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  11. I'm so jealous of your Sigma brushes set, Marie :) x