Saturday, March 26, 2011

Revlon 'Perplex': the last NOTD of winter

I'm sure by now you have all heard about this fabulous Chanel 'Paradoxale' dupe from a drugstore and given that it IS Spring already, it's simply old news... Still, let me just tell you that I am glad I didn't fork out those hard earned bucks for the designer version.


Why? Well, while both 'Perplex' and 'Paradoxale' look amazing in the bottle and in online swatches, the former simply doesn't show up that pretty on my nails. In daylight, it just looks like a dark mudded purple with a cream finish. In my living room, it looks like a warmer dark purple with a faint trace of violet shimmer. In my bathroom, it looks like a warm purplish brown with purple shimmer. Overall, there's very little of the duochrome actually visible once it's on the nails.

Artificial living room light

Artificial bathroom light

Do get it however if you're still interested in the shade, firstly because it's certainly quite unique, and secondly because it might look different on you. It's one of those weird colors that seem to morph from person to person. Oh, and of course, the quality is very nice: opaque in 2 coats, shiny, no chipping and little tip wear for 5 days on me (bear in mind though that I do use both a basecoat and a topcoat).

Have you tried the famous 'Paradoxale' or any of its cheaper dupes? x


  1. I wouldn't mind trying the shade out since I like muted shades and purple but I could never find it in my town, even when I heard that they suraced in the Big Lots here, I went there and went out of business...

    Anyway, I did see the dupe for black pearl here though...

  2. I have an Essie shade (but can't remember the name to save my life, it was from last Fall/Winter collection anyway) that a Chanel SA mistook for Paradoxal :)

  3. @Citrine: I know, I spotted it in Walgreens once and then in Bartell Drugs, but I think the latter is only here in WA. I've also seen the Black Pearl dupe, but I'm not sure if I'm that tempted. I want pastels! x

    @Musing on Beauty: Which one was it? I love Essie!

  4. I have a Risqué one that is pretty cool (and cheaper) but a bit more shimmering. Love that it changes on your nails according to the light, it really is something diferent!*

  5. Hmmm, maybe next fall. Although technically it is Spring, it is still wintery weather here in Philly and I have been using bright corals and pinks on my nails to cheer me up.

  6. I love shades like these and sometimes in summer too.. to be unexpected - or with a coloured crackle over the top.