Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Moisturizer Challenge: The Results

It's probably one of the most anticipated posts by you, my dear readers, so let me quickly announce the results of my No Moisturizer Challenge in one concise word: SUCCESS!

Now, for the details. As you might know, I vowed not to use any moisturizer on my oily skin for the whole month of February, curious to see whether my skin actually needed an additional boost of moisture. I'm pleased to observe that after a month, my skin is no more drier than when I was using a moisturizing cream twice a day. The only dryness I've seen was a result of acne treatments... and some overzealous snowboarding in California; nothing that couldn't be fixed with a bit of exfoliation, which I performed twice a week with the help of various scrubs.

As for the overall clarity of my skin, I was pleasantly surprised. For the whole month, I had to fight only one bigger spot on my jawline and a few small whiteheads that faded within a couple days. But most importantly, I've stopped getting those pesky under-the-skin clogged pores on my cheeks that look like little hard bumps at first and then develop into full fledged breakouts. More than that, with the help of one product to be reviewed later this month, I even got rid of quite a few of them and as of today, there's just one solitary bump remaining. That's a huge progress for me - I'm now feeling confident enough in my skin to venture outside without a smidgen of make-up on, which was absolutely unthinkable for me in the past!

If you intend to take the No Moisturizer Challenge yourself, there's a few tips worth remembering:
1. Use a non-drying but effective cleanser. I especially recommend a creamy, non-foaming cleanser that DOES NOT give you the squeaky clean feeling after washing.
2. Exfoliate gently. This will help to get rid of any dead skin cells clogging the pores as well as smooth the surface of the skin.
3. Use a sunscreen. Not using a moisturizer doesn't mean your face shouldn't be protected from harmful UV rays. The SPF in your make-up is usually not enough unless you really pile it on (as roadtested in this review)!
4. Pamper your skin. I do feel that using various masks helped to further strengthen and nourish my skin during the challenge.

I hope this helps some of you thinking about eliminating a moisturizer from your routine. I'll continue skipping my moisturizing cream, but I might add a hydrating serum at some point to ensure my skin has enough water content. Take care, lovelies! x


  1. Excellent results and well done you for lasting so long doing it. I find it hard not to moisturise at all as my skin feels dry and tight without it but I can see how this could really help oilier skin. Really interesting post xx

  2. Aha! No-moisturizer girls will rule the world, one blogger at a time :)

  3. @Saskia: I think in a harsher climate I'd find it quite difficult too, but so far so good here! Thank you, lovely x

    @Marie Ella: Yes, we'll take over! Buahahah! :)

  4. I was wondering how you would get on with this! It definitely sounds like it has worked well for you! =D x

  5. saw the original post for this challenge and was quite curious as to the results you would have. glad i caught this... i think since you have oily skin maybe that would help .... if someone with drier skin were to try this though i think they may not do so well.... thanks for sharing!
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  6. @Pyxiee: Yes, I was pleasantly surprised with the results!

    @Maricela: Hi, lovely! Yes, I definitely wouldn't attempt the challenge if my skin was any other type than oily, as I stated in my original post. But it's interesting to see that the always-repeated mantra of cleaning, toning and moisturizing doesn't work that great for everyone! x

  7. That was really interesting to read how you got on with it... I must say, I couldn't imagine myself doing this as my drier areas get very dry and flaky if I don't moisturise, but it certainly makes one wonder just HOW necessary moisturisers are for all skintypes...!
    Glad it wokred out for u!

  8. @Tina: I think again it shows how much marketing there is in certain 'beauty rules'... x

  9. Interesting post - I was keen to see how you got on. Well done for keeping it up and reporting back!
    It's interesting to see that you noticed no negative effect but instead perhaps even an improved one!
    Rebecca x (

  10. Oh I just saw this post.. Ignore my question in the previous "No Moisturizer Challenge" =P

    So glad to hear you say that! I honestly never thot that moisturizing my face might actully do me some good.. I might try this challenge but only for a few days to begin with =P

    Thanks heaps hun and I'm following now ;)

  11. @Rebecca: I was really surprised myself... My skin still looks very good and there's no dryness in sight! x

    @Delyteful Speaks: I think it really depends on how much oil your skin produces and how hydrated it is to begin with. But it's definitely worth trying! Glad you're liking the blog :) x