Thursday, March 24, 2011

INGLOT Eyeshadows: Freedom System and more

With the recent launch of the INGLOT USA online store, there's been a visible surge of interest in Inglot products, especially their famous Freedom System eyeshadows. Given that there's (comparatively) little information on the brand available on the interwebs, I've decided to join Jessica's efforts and try to answer as many queries as I can to the best of my knowledge.

Note: Please bear in mind that my experience with Inglot is so far limited to the Polish stores, so there might be some discrepancies between my knowledge and the status quo in the US, or UK for that matter. What's more, Inglot is undergoing many changes right now, including the much discussed price increase, but also the introduction of the new products, ranges or even numbering of the eyeshadows.

The Freedom System range includes a variety of products in different sizes, shapes and finishes. A Freedom System palette may include eyeshadows, blushers, face powders, cream concealers, lipsticks, eyebrow powders and waxes. The idea is that you can compose your own palette that would contain everything you need for your make-up (and this is where Inglot goes beyond MAC's offerings). I've only checked out their round eyeshadow pans, and here's my collection of shades together with arm swatches (all shades swatched dry on skin primed with Benefit F.Y.eye):

1. Shades with a matte finish:

2. Pearl and AMC Shine finish: warm neutrals

3. Pearl finish: cool neutrals

4. Pearl finish: pinks and purples (note: the Sport 61 Pearl is a depotted eyeshadow from an older discontinued range of eyeshadows)

*EDIT* The purple is no. 439, thanks for spotting this, Jewytart!

As you can see, my favorite finish from Inglot is definitely Pearl; I just find it to be the most buttery smooth and pigmented. My least favorite from the bunch is the creamy matte shade; it just doesn't show up on my skin at all. For more swatches of my favorite shades in daylight, check out this post. Also, before I forget: since Inglot palettes are magnetized unlike the MAC palettes, the best way to take the pans out of the palette is to hold a magnet close to the pan and it just pops right out. You can either use something like a fridge magnet or the ones in the transparent plastic lid of the palette.

Inglot also offers other ranges of eyeshadows, including Matrix and Vertigo. Matrix eyeshadow pans come in separate packaging with a transparent screw-on lid and are the size of a Stila eyeshadow/blusher, i.e. much bigger than the Freedom System ones. In this line, the eyeshadows can be both one solid color in the pan, or a trio of shadows in the same pan (for an example, click here to see a depotted Matrix trio in my Z-palette). The quality is just as good as in the Freedom range and I think you can find a variety of finishes there as well.

Vertigo eyeshadows come in long rectangular pans in a silver plastic packaging, with a sponge-tip applicator incorporated into the lid. As far as I know, Inglot only offers around 15 colors in the range, and some argue the quality is even better than the Freedom System line.

I hope this post helps some of you thinking of making an online purchase. I've also previously reviewed other Inglot products on the blog: a cream foundation and a concealer stick. Let me know if you're interested in a mini review of the powder blusher I have as well; it is rather lovely.

Have you already tried Inglot? What is your favorite product by them?


  1. Hi! I've never tried or heard about it, but it really looks great! I'm in love with the pearl tone ^^

  2. It's one of my favorites! All their Pearl finish eyeshadows are amazing. I'll surely get more when I'm in Poland! x

  3. Inglot have come to Ireland too with a small stand alone store in Dublin and I keep looking at it longingly but the choice is so overwhelming! I really want a freedom palette, love the idea of getting all my shadows in one place and pearl definitely seems beautiful! Thanks for this post!

  4. I absolutely adore their shadows, I hear that their gel liners are brilliant too (I must get a few one day) :D

  5. What an amazing collection! Absolutely love the colors... esp gold and silver shades!
    Marusya V
    p.s. I write about beauty (and fashion)too:) So may be we could follow each other - to keep in touch?

  6. Great post! I love so many products from Inglot but if I had to choose one - that would be their Gel lipstick probably, I LOVE the formula and there are so many gorgeous shades. x

  7. I've been collecting the eyeshadows since last year & so far my favourite texture is matte.

    Lately I've been loving the pearls too & your swatches are a great help. :-) Thanks!

  8. I am completely in love with the purple 436 Pearl above! But I'm looking at Inglot's online shop and they show 436 as a pink.

    Is that the correct number for that purple? Their numbers 437 and 439 look closer to the swatch.

    I'm dying to buy this color now! Thanks for the help.

  9. @jewytart: Hi lovely, you're right, it's 439! So sorry for the confusion, it must have been late. Hope that helps! x