Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brother's Birthday Bold Lip

On Friday, it was my brother's 28th birthday (it's the same brother who was featured in my last post chewing gum and sitting on top of a bench - how the time goes by!), and he invited friends and family for some celebrating at a bar where almost everything costs 1 euro (4 zlotys). They have only basic drinks and snacks, like shots of vodka, beer and wine and some traditional Polish snacks to go with the vodka, like herrings and pate with cranberry dressing. It's always super crowded on Friday nights because people go there to have a drink before doing some serious clubbing damage. There are no tables, just a counter at which people stand to grab their order, and, if they have enough luck, find some space to eat their snacks. There's only one place like this in Warsaw and I have to say that despite the crowds, I really enjoyed the ambiance!

I decided to sport a bold red lip to match my red velvet skirt. Red lips always make me feel very feminine and sexy, there's just something about them that makes it impossible for a woman to go unnoticed. It looks even better with paler, winter skin, as the contrast between colors is more striking than usual.

Also, I had some make-up on from the morning and didn't have enough time to start over, so I thought it was a good way to glam it up a bit. I went for MAC Cockney, which is currently my favorite red, and NYX Plush Red lip pencil, which is more of a blue-based red. They held really nicely through the evening, and together with some balm underneath, this combo didn't feel drying at all.

What is your favorite red lipstick?


  1. You look great! I am sure you had lots of fun at your brother's BDay! My fave red lisptick in Coral des Mares by Bourjois!

  2. Gorgeous! Very pretty blog, you have some really nice posts. I like how you vary your looks, the smoky eye below, the red lip here. All fabulous, of course!

  3. Red lips look so gorgeous on you :)
    Love your winged eyeliner too- so gorgeous! My fave red lipstick is maybe MAC's Dubbonet, it's darker but I love it! I really want to try MAC russian red too :)

  4. @Catanya: Thanks, sweetie :) I have to check that one, I love Bourjois lipsticks!

    @Marce: I'm glad that you like it! Thanks a lot, hun xxx

    @Sarah: Mmmm, darker red... I'll have to have a peek at Dubonet as well. I tried Russian Red in the store, but Cockney looked better on my skin; Russian Red is more of a yellow-based red. xxx

  5. remind me of hayden cute yet so sophisticated!

  6. @Dye-A-Graham: Awww, thank you so much, she's super pretty... xxx

  7. Red lips look really good on you!
    I wish I could pull it off!

    Anyways check out my blog too if you want :)

  8. @Kittynail: Your blog is super cute, hun, I'm following already :) I think red lip would suit you too! xxx

  9. I wish I were in Poland where vodka costs 1 Euro and there are loads of delicious milk-bars everywhere...

    The lipstick looks great on you. I wore nothing but red lipstick (no eye makeup or anything) for a few years so I feel like I'm really a wise old madame when it comes to true reds. My most recent purchase was Ladybug by MAC, a lustre with an orange undertone that nonetheless looks like it has a blue undertone if one happens to wear a blue scarf or jumper with it.

  10. Heh, Nadine, it's not such a long trip from France, and oh, the famous milk bars...

    Old wise Madame Rouge a Levres :) Ladybug sounds like a very unique color! Another one to check out at my next trip to MAC.

    Take care, hun xxx