Friday, November 20, 2009

Comfortable Outfit of the Day

Recently, I have been popping into stores more often than I usually do. Sometimes I walk out barehanded and dissapointed, and sometimes I like a lot of things and happily decide to splurge. Sometimes I'm all for a sensible approach, which consists of looking for clothes that you might actually need, and sometimes I just prefer to go for it and buy something that takes my fancy, no matter if it's a necessary addition to my wardrobe or not.

These past 2 weeks proved to be quite fruitful, and I decided to share :) In fact, I really wanted to do outfit posts more often, but every time I intend to, I find my looks nothing special, or like today, the photos really do turn out rubbish. But, the hell with it, I'm going to show you what I've been wearing today anyway.

I'm trying to convince myself I look so bottom-heavy because of the camera positioning...

The photo features:
Ivory top from Reserved
Slouchy purple cardi from C&A
Blue and purple leopard print scarf from Tally Weijl (love!)
Brown trousers from Tally Weijl
Shell bracelet

I love how comfortable and soft this cardigan is, and I love the color, kind of milky reddish purple. I got it yesterday and like it so much I could sleep in it :) It also has sort of special pockets, which unfortunately can't be seen in the photos. The scarf is another favorite and my mum got it for me on our trip to the mall last week, and I've been wearing it almost every day since. I like the square style best, and, as unbelievable as it may sound, is an only animal print garment I own (well, I never understood the whole leopard print fad, but now I kind of do ;).

Would you ladies have any advice for outfit shots (other than having a tripod, which I obviously don't)? I tried various different setting today and the result is still not satisfactory. I'd much appreciate your help. Have a fantastic Friday night all! xxx


  1. Your so cute!!!

    I have no potographic advice. I take 100 photos and normally only 1 or 2 are good! lol its just a pain in the butt!! xx

  2. i rarely post photos of myself because i am not a fan of how i take you're not alone! i guess it's just trial & error..which is something i hear amongst everyone online :)

    the scarf is very pretty! i take it that store is in poland?

  3. @Tali: I do the same and it's so tiring and annoying at times!

    @Ane: I have to say I especially love the posts with the photos of you :)

    Tally Weijl is actually a Swiss store, but I think they're only present on the European market. Most of the time I hate their stuff, it's way over the top for me, but sometimes they get it SO right! xxx

  4. Ohh you look so gorgeous! I love that scarf it's such pretty colours!!!
    I'm hopeless when it comes to photography, I'd love to learn how to be more skilled though! I'm with Tali, I take about a million photos and usually only end up with a few half decent snaps!

  5. @Sarah: Thank you, sweetie, the scarf really is in perfect shades for fall/winter!

    Hmm, I'm thinking of maybe doing a post one day with some photography tips, so many of us seem to be interested! xxx

  6. thanks girly..i'll keep trying :) lighting in the early morning is my best friend--and it doesn't happen often, as the early morning is just that...early!

  7. @Ane: Hmm, that's probably why I seldom get good shots, usually when I leave house in the morning it's still dark... And when I come back, it's dark too :) Also, lighting on a cloudy day is so much worse, but we don't get much sun here recently! xxx