Thursday, November 5, 2009


Róisín Murphy is one of the most influencial artists on the modern pop/electro/disco stage, and I've been meaning to write a post about her style forever. I discovered her music some 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with her beautiful voice and funky beats. After watching her video clips, I really started appreciating her unique and courageous taste for fashion. Róisín is her own stylist and even though some of her outfits might not be exactly your cup of tea, I find that her approach to fashion can actually remind us that trends should be fun and... a bit crazy.

Plus, she's really stunning (and I want that hairstyle...)!

Photo and interview source: unofficial Roisin Murphy's blog

' [...] When I'm performing I like a certain amount of structure in my clothes – and in my haircut too. Changing on stage has become a big part of my performance now. I don't know if I'm hiding behind it, but I do get the strength to face the world if I'm wearing hard, blunt edges. Like I said before, I think it comes from my grandma. She'd ' wear masculine clothes, it gave her strength. Also, I do a lot of my own styling so it can be a bit scary as I'm the one making my own mistakes. There's a whole slipstream of the media now that deals with who looks right and who looks wrong now. I've got no right to complain, but it is a bit negative. I do get it wrong sometimes, of course, but the most irritating thing about that is when people say, "What was Róisí*Murphy's stylist thinking?"'

Check out my favorite Róisín's video on YT!

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