Monday, November 2, 2009

When alone at home...

... girls play with their make-up! It's a well-known truth and this is precisely what I did today. I didn't celebrate Halloween by dressing up, so I guess I'm compensating.

Anyway, the look was loosely themed around Cleopatra-style make-up with some heavy eyeliner, bronzed cheeks and coralish lips. I think it could be made into a more wearable version with a bit less dramatic liner, or spiced up even more with darker lip colour.

The key here is to keep the eyeliner not too flicked at the outer corner and to work it inwards to give more of a cat eye effect. I used shimmery golden eyeshadow all over the lid and added some white frosty shade under the browbone and in the inner corners, but this would also look nice with different lid colors.

Products used:
CS Eye Poxy primer
Annabelle Vanilla Chilla all over the lid
Inglot no 111 on the lid
NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Cottage Cheese to highlight
CS black gel eyeliner on bent eyeliner brush
MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush mascara
NYX no 104 corner eyelashes

CS G Bronzer/Blush
Inglot no 84 on the apples of the cheeks

MAC Jest lipstick

Have a great evening, gals! xxx


  1. Omg how hot are these photos! You look amazing!!

    I think the precise liner is a great look on your eyes! Very striking.. and i like how you played your lips down to contrast it. The bronzed look suits you well!! That bornzer is AMAZING!

  2. @Tali: I really like playing with my eyeliners, but usually I only have so little time in the morning that I go for the simplest things possible... And this bronzer really is great, I highly recommend it! xxx

    @Hannahbabeyxo: Glad you like it, hun! xxx

  3. amazing photos! your liner is just perfect xo

  4. @Michelle: Thank you, hun!

    @em: Thanks, sweetie, if only I could spend less time at it ;) xxx

  5. whoaaa sexy lady! these pictures are hot! i won't even ask how you captured the one with your head turned to the sky! your liner looks amazing with the lashes :)

  6. @Ane: Hahah, all of these photos were taken using self-timer... I'm really skilled in using self-timer thanks to blogging :) Thanks, sweetie! xxx

  7. Whoo hot mama! I love the look but I also love the posing! I am going t have to try this liner style. =)

  8. @Kajal Couture: Thanks, hun :)It's a really fun look to try, especially for some special occasion! xxx

  9. OH my gosh this is SOOOOOOOOOOO stunning- you look like a blonde Cleopatra :)
    You must have a seriously steady hand!!!!

  10. @Sarah: Hmm, I'm not sure about a steady hand, I guess sometimes it just works and sometimes not... Thank you, sweetie! xxx

  11. Love the liner! OK I seriously must check out Inglot.

  12. @Monica: They have some gems, and they're rather unexpensive, so defo give them a go! xxx