Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Hair History

I think we all know these posts are in fact an excuse to show some childhood photos... ok, and maybe compare and contrast to see which hairstyle suited you best throughout the years. Hope you enjoy my story :)

Right in the beginning I have to admit I've never had my hair color treated apart from some subtle highlights and so the story is quite predictable, with my hair alternating between longer and then shorter and then longer again. Well, anyway...

I might be 2 or 3 years old in this picture, so the choice of haircut wasn't actually my own. I think I looked quite cute and this length was a good solution back then since I hated having my hair brushed or combed, and unfortunately my mum loved styling it in a ponytail at the top of my head, which resembled a lightning-struck palm tree. (The other personnage captured is my brother, of course.)

For my First Communion when I was 8, I had my hair braided the night before and then the waves were slightly brushed through. At the time, I considered those little waves to be utterly glamorous and sported them for any bigger event. The reddish hue of my hair is quite visible here as well.

Right after the Communion, I decided I wanted to have my hair cut to chin length. I remember it was probably my first time at the hairdresser's and I felt very mature having my hair done by a professional. It seems my hair is a completely different color here, but with my hair color, it has always been a matter of light: sometimes it looks reddish, sometimes it looks darker blond.

When I was 12, I grew really long hair and usually wore it in a ponytail or a braid. During summer, my hair was always full of highlights, especially round my face (and that hasn't changed). I remember I liked it that long (we're talking waist long here), but it was a mess to detangle.

Then when I was maybe 14 I cut my hair quite short in a style resembling an upside down pot, as it looks to me now, but (un)fortunately I have no digitalized photos to prove that.

Then, in high school, I grew it out again and had a side swept fringe together with some subtle layers. I got a lot of compliments on this haircut from my friends.

When I was 20, my hair got really long again and when I wanted to look pretty and add some volume, I just put it on some rollers to get those loose curls. Shortly after this photo was taken I became trimming it shorter and shorter...

... and then, some 1,5 years ago, I had it cut really short again. I loved how easy to style my short hair was, but I didn't like the lack of versatility.

So here I am, growing it out again. This time, I want them as long as 3 years ago with lots of layers for added volume, not as straight as I used to wear them. My hair grows quite fast so I'm hoping to achieve the goal in maybe 2 years time, which is not that bad... For now, I'm thinking of layering the style to add some definition. Do you think it's a good idea? Which style do you think suited me best?


  1. You look so beautiful in the last photo! But you also pulled off the short hair really well! Tough choice but keep it longer :) xx

  2. You look so beautiful in all of the photos as an adult.. and you were such a cute kid!! My god!! Love the communion look.. i still braid my hair like that now lol.. i like the waves.. i think it makes a big difference!!

  3. these are all great pictures! i love the photo from your first communion's such a big day, it's as though everyone remembers what they looked like and how they felt on that day :)

  4. Wow how gorgeous were you as a kid! I love the photo of you on the beach with the braid, you look so natural and stunning!
    I am so envious of your hair colour, it's just beautiful! I think long flowing locks look amazing on you :) What a great idea for a post!!!

  5. @Lydia: Thank you, sweetie! I know it's tough, but I know I'll eventually get bored with long hair once I achieve the desired length and then cut them really short again :) xxx

    @Tali: I look so serious in that photo, I think I was really excited and a bit afraid! I like the waves too, you looked beautiful in your Victoria Secret's look!

    @Ane: That's so true... I remember my shoes being too big for me, but I still felt really pretty wearing them :) xxx

    @Sarah: Thank you, hun! I actually remember I always thought I was not pretty when I was a kid, but now I sooo wish I had the same skin as in the past :) You have to do a similar post, I'll love to see some childhood photos of you! xxx

  6. You look great in all the styles! Your so lucky you can pull off short & long, I especially love the last pic:)

  7. Thanks a lot, sweetie! I think I had a lot of luck with the hairdressers... ;) xxx