Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July Beauty Favorites

Another month's gone in the blink of an eye! In all honesty, July wasn't a big make-up month for me; housewifing and weekend hiking trips don't really require a face full of make-up. However, with moving to the US, I've been able to put some bits and bobs into my basket while shopping at a drugstore - have I told you how much I love American drugstores?

Without further ado, here are my new most used products for the month of July:

1. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer with vitamins and antioxidants SPF 20

I've briefly mentioned in my post on natural vs organic skincare that I was intending to get it, and I did. It comes with a hefty pricetag ($32 US), but other than that, I have no complaints. It has a light coverage and very natural satin finish, blends in beautifully leaving my skin more unified, and so, so soft. I set it with a mineral powder and it doesn't make me any oilier than I usually am, nor does it break me out. Perfect base for summer.

2. Angel Face Botanicals Ambrosia Facial Cleansing Grains
On the skincare front, I'm loving this loose powder chockful of Vitamin C and antioxidants that with a couple of drops of water transforms into an exfoliating cleanser or a face mask - it's definitely one of my favorite products from the ones I mentioned in my Angel Face Botanicals haul. I especially like using it after a cardio workout, I feel that it gets rid of all the dirt and dead skin cells that accumulated on my face and stimulates blood circulation, making my skin feel clean, refreshed and mattified.

3. N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Stick in Plaza Pink
As much as eye products left me rather uninspired this month, I've been enjoying experimenting with my blusher. I picked this up for about $4 in my local RiteAid on Ginabinawina99's recommendation, and I so don't regret it. I was thinking that my oily skin plus cream blusher would surely equal a major catastrophe. Nothing of the sort! This beautiful peach stick shot through with subtle shimmer goes on like a dream and blends to perfection, giving my cheeks a very lovely natural glow without a trace of greasiness, as it sets to powder finish. It's not the most long lasting, but set with a powder blusher, stays put long enough for me. Not ready to splurge on NARS Turks & Caicos multiple? This satisfies my cream blush stick cravings pretty well.

4. NYX Powder blusher in Peach and Pinky
I think I've expressed my love for NYX blushers many times before, and these two shades have been a very welcome addition to my collection. Peach looks very natural and understated with its matte finish, while fuschia toned Pinky with its satin finish gives more of a doll face effect (or as if you've been running for a good half an hour in my case).

5. Wet n Wild Kohl Brow Eyeliner in Taupe
At $0.99 apiece, it may just be the cheapest item in my collection, however this soft brow pencil shouldn't be underestimated. What can I say? It's dirt cheap, easy to use, fast and natural-looking. Doesn't smudge or melt off. Are you still there?! Go get yourself one of these!

6. Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze in Continuous Coral
Continuously fabulous, however difficult to spell it may be. This is a seriously scorching coral, dense, incredibly pigmented and infused with a pretty grown-up sparkle. Smells a bit like cough syrup, but I kinda like it. Sheered out with a lipbalm or clear gloss, it can be worn everyday for a warm summery look, or when smeared on straight from the tube, makes a fabulous statement lip.

7. Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone slanted eyeshadow brush
Purchased in a LE set of 4 brushes + a beautiful natural brush case for $11, I've been reaching for this super soft brush every time I'm bothered enough to use an eyeshadow - and the rest of the set is pretty darn amazing too. Ecotools definitely have great quality reasonably priced brushes, their slanted eyebrow/eyeliner brush has long been a favorite of mine. All their brushes are vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free too, which is just another reason to get them. Like now.

To wrap this post up, I'm ending my Project Bathroom, the progress of which you could follow on your right hand side. I did pretty well I think, some of the products didn't get 100% used up, but I reckon I got a good 90% out of them. I'm still following the main principle though, I only get one of each kind of a product when it runs out, so I only have one shampoo, one hairspray, one bar of soap... Ok, it doesn't work out so well with soaps, I'm a hoarder. But you get the general idea.

Anyway, I'll be replacing my Project Bathroom progress bar with a list of upcoming posts, this way I can tease you ever so slightly and as for myself, try not to forget to actually write them. Hope you enjoyed my monthly favorites and a bit of a ramble and stay tuned for non-beauty related favorites tomorrow! xxx


  1. I like the color of the creme stick. I sometimes use a similar color because I often have very dry lips.

  2. Wow... I have a feeling I will be sending a shopping list to my friend in the US. :) And that tomato coral lipstick is gorgeous!!! x

  3. @Joe: I have very dry lips too, what a pain... It's silly because I've got really oily skin on my face, I've always been wondering why my lips are an exception :)

    @Little Rus: I think I'll be posting a face of the day with it to show how it looks on the lips. xxx

  4. Great faves!:D

    The Ambrosia Facial Cleansing Grains look really interesting to me, I shall try it!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  5. Those cleansing grains work great on my skin, I guess maybe if you're really sensitive you'd have to use a very delicate touch, but they're an amazing product! xxx

  6. Great selection of July favourites! I love the way you take the pictures! One of my faves is NYX Peach blush too.

  7. I have to add the NYC blush to my list of things to get soon! I'd love to try it out!

  8. @Catanya: NYX blushers are amazing, aren't they? x

    @Jackee: Definitely try it out, it also gets glowing reviews on MUA, so I guess everyone's loving it! xxx

  9. Thanks for you post, it was very interesting !
    I have a Revlon store in my town, I'm still wondering why I've not been there to take a look, they seem to sell amazing stuff !

  10. Ooh I love these posts!!! I love the look of those NYX blushes! Especially the peach!

  11. @Mademoiselle C.: Revlon has some great products, especially for the lips. However, they seem to be a bit overpriced in Europe compared to the US or even UK :( xxx

    @Sarah: You can't go wrong with their blushes - Peach is an amazing everyday color :) x

  12. I love those blush sticks, I received on in a swap as they don't sell them here and it's got great pigmentation x

  13. Judging from the reviews on MUA, I'd say it's probably the best product in NYC range, and I can't wait to get more shades! xxx

  14. Love that coral! I have a nail varnish in exactly that colour - from Armani. If interested:

  15. it's nice to see another European who's moved here to the States (and is taking full advantage of their drug store brands)
    keep it up! :)

  16. which colour of the 100% pure moisturizer did you get and did you find it a bit of a lighter or a darker match?

    1. Hi, I believe I had the lightest shade, Creme, and it was a decent match for NW15 skintone, but would oxidize a bit dark on the skin throughout the day. The coverage is so sheer that you can get away with a less than perfect match, however I wouldn't recommend Creme if you're any lighter than NW15 range. Hope that helps!