Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Top 5 Neutral Inglot Eyeshadows

What can I say, I've always loved Inglot eyeshadows, even way before they came up with the idea of selling customized palettes and separate eyeshadow pans and ventured out to foreign markets (meaning, outside of Poland). Most of their products are great for the price; however, when it comes to eyeshadows, I have to admit they're not just great; they're simply amazing. Buttery smooth, well pigmented, long lasting... and in every imaginable shade and finish. If you haven't already, I urge you to check them out!

Here are my 5 most reached for neutrals from my collection. How could I not love these beauties?

As you can see, my favorite finish from Inglot is definitely Pearl, which simply glides on the lids leaving lots of pigment behind; it's very comparable to MAC Veluxe Pearl finish. AMC Shine is a bit less pigmented, but more glittery - my pale gold shade is infused with some very pretty silver sparkles. As for Matte, it's, well... matte, a bit harder to blend, but still a pleasure to work with.

There's just one thing that annoys the crap out of me with these. How can you make such fantastic shadows and give them numbers instead of names?! I'm just going to pretend that never happened and christen them to my liking.

Brimstone Dust, né 111 AMC Shine
Tutu, n
é 397 Pearl
Myope, n
é 402 Pearl
Lilac Wine, n
é 420 Pearl
Fulleren, n
é 348 Matte

Have you tried Inglot eyeshadows? Which shade is your favorite? xxx


  1. Aww gorgeous babies, that drives me nuts I have no access to them. Especially as any product called "myope" must have been made for me ;-))

  2. Those are so beautiful! There is an Inglot store 15 minutes from my house and I've never checked it out - these pictures have got me shaking my head with confusion. Why have I never been in? They look awesome!!!

    Thank you!


  3. I am dying to try out Inglot shadows... unfortunately the closest store is In New York and I live In Michigan! I hope they get their website up and running soon or I will have to take a trip to NYC.


  4. Gosh, I die !! I want to try their e/s for so long now and I'm still frustrated I can't because the only store we have in Ukraine is 3h30 away from me :)
    Great colors and thanks for swatching !

  5. Yeah, Inglot shadows are amazing! Hope you are doing great x

  6. I discovered your blog via 'Musing on Beauty'. It so happens that I have an Inglot store about 10 minutes drive from my house and I've never visited it... You got me curious.... Are these e/s very pigmented? How expensive are they?

  7. @Musing on Beauty: Hahah, I so agree on 'Myope'... Aah, being shortsighted is sometimes such a pain!

    @TheBeautyBite: You have to check it out, you're going to love it! xxx

    @Jackee: I know what you mean, I'm in the US now as well... But in Warsaw, there are so many Inglot stores and counters!

    @Mademoiselle C.: Oh, that's a pity! Maybe you should visit Poland some time soon :) xxx

    @Marina: Thanks sweetie, I'm fine! x

    @boznfabs: Pearl finish is very pigmented, AMC slightly less so and Matte can be a bit of a hit & miss - but overall, they're very good quality. I think a 5 pan palette retails for 15 pounds and if you have your Inglot palette with you, you can also get refills, but I'm not sure how much they are outside of Poland (I got mine in Warsaw for 10 zlotys each). Hope that helps!!! xxx

  8. I discovered Inglot in the last couple of months.

    I've only got 3 of their pressed eyeshadows & have only tried one (a sparkly Orange). It was great! Thanks for the review, I will check more of them out.

    I really adore their pure pigments (I've got 24 of them so far *gulp*) & have been using them with Inglots Duraline (it turns any shadow into liner, I also use it as an all over lid colour too.

  9. @KeLLStaR: Glad it was helpful! I have to try those pigments then, they sound great! xxx

  10. Shoot; *another* temptation!
    I'm looking longingly at pigment #85 (I think; drat those numbers!)which looks like a complex brown/taupe/plum/silver that would really "pop" my bright green eyes.