Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review: Covergirl Lash Blast Length Mascara

From the moment I heard about its release, I knew I had to try Lash Blast Length. I absolutely loved the regular Lash Blast, which is now christened Volume, and have always liked lengthening mascaras. I even imagined we could be dealing with Holy Grail material here, so I rushed to the drugstore as soon as I could to check it out.

- fun, bright packaging: the yellow telescope-shaped tube is so easy to spot when getting ready in a rush
- a black black without any ashiness or grey lurking underneath
- clump-free formula, not too thick, not too runny
- fast to apply if you're going for natural, feathery looking lashes
- no fading or flaking throughout the day
- no smudging or transfer, even on my oily lids
- extremely separating & defining brush
- easy to remove with an oil-based cleanser


- a very subtle lengthening effect: no fireworks here
- absolutely no volumizing action
- doesn't seem to hold the curl too well
- a bit stiff & scratchy brush
- very difficult to layer (in the photos, I'm wearing 2 generous layers)

Would I repurchase? I'm sure a year or two ago I'd have been completely thrilled to discover this mascara since I was all about natural, defined eyes then and I cringed at the sight of the smallest clump in my lashes. But recently, I've grown to enjoy thicker, fuller, more dramatic but still well separated lashes, and for this purpose Lash Blast Length looks a bit... too natural. Almost like it's not even there. Why should I bother with an invisible mascara? Overall, it's a very good product, however I do prefer their Volume version, and as for lengthening mascaras, I enjoyed L'Oreal Telescopic more for its layering potential. So, I don't think I'll repurchase this one any time soon - the quest for HG mascara is still open.


  1. Very nice blog! I'll enjoy to follow it. Maybe you like mine!
    Greetings from germany!

  2. Great review. I agree that if you want a natural looking lash this would be great, but i demand drama from my mascaras!

  3. I'm for just the right amount of drama as well! I guess I'll try Lash Blast Fusion next... xxx

  4. Great review, This mascara looks good but not marketed as a lengthining mascara thats for sure! I really wish we had cover girl here in the uk! I need to get my hands on the original lash blast! xx

  5. @Nicola: I've heard that MaxFactor False Lash is very similar to CG LB Volume, but certainly not price-wise! UK has a lot of great brands too :) xxx

  6. Super recenzja. Zawsze chciałam wypróbować ich standardową wersję Lash Blast, może kiedyś będę miała okazję :) Pozdrawiam!

  7. Zawsze żałowałam, że marka Covergirl nie jest dostępna w Polsce! Może kiedyś... xxx