Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Project Bedroom

If you've been wondering what I've been up to for the past couple of days apart from settling in, here goes: I've been busy decorating our bedroom. My husband moved in to this apartment back in March, but since we'd lived in a studio before and didn't have the furniture, he left the bedroom bare, or rather used it as his storage room, bike, sports gear and heaps of cables included. So, as soon as I beat the jet lag, I've started turning it into a comfortable, peaceful room for us both to sleep in and dress, and for me, to play with my make-up :)

It's the first bedroom we've ever had, so we're quite excited about it! It's still work in progress, but here you have a couple of shots from different angles. You can also see my vanity there in the corner, but I'll devote a separate post to it once I'm done organizing.

It feels quite bare now and needs some finishing touches. What would you girls suggest I should do to make it feel more cozy and lived-in but still airy and simple? All your ideas will be much appreciated! xxx


  1. I need to reaorganize and decorate my bedroom myself, right now it's turning into a mess.
    I think you need curtains! Deep shades like burgundy or burnt orange! For the window, of course, but you can also hang one on the wall behind the bed - or then you can put a large drawing there since there's room on the wall. Just my 2 cents :)
    xx Mariella

  2. You'll need something to soften the bedroom! =) Like a gorgeous lampshade..cushions and vase of beautiful flowers... just to add that personal touch.

    xo Have fun!

  3. I am also in the process of making our bedroom beautiful.:D

    I would suggest artwork.:D Every room needs at least one.:D
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  4. Here a a couple of blogs that focus on home decor, they're very simple, airy and light. I've found lots of great ideas here!

    Have fun!

  5. @Mariella: I was thinking about curtains too, but there're no curtain rods and I'm not sure we're allowed to put some up... But the space above the bed definitely needs something!

    @Mavy Gravy: Mmm, cushions, I can't say no to some soft cushions... And some flowers would be really nice too :) Thanks hun! xxx

    @Marie: I'll be on the lookout for something interesting! xxx

    @Rosario: Thanks so much sweetie, I'll make sure to check these out! xxx

  6. Hi there!
    Wow, you've done such a wonderful job so far :-)

    I'm about to move in a couple of days so I'll be in the same as you. I'm already looking for new furniture and decor.

    If it were my room, I would possibly get a night stand, a lamp with a cool bright colored lamp shade, bright solid colored cushions, some crazy geometrical artwork for over the bed and possibly move the vanity in front of the window.

    Can't wait to see the final result pics :-)

  7. Hi Emy! Moving is a tough job, good luck!

    We already have a night stand, I just need to assemble it... we also have a lamp, but unfortunately the shade is just a plain white one - but maybe we could find another colorful one that'd fit? The cushions are definitely a must :)

    I wanted to have the vanity by the window originally, but there's a radiator on the wall and the vanity doesn't fit because of it :(

    Thanks for the tips, hun!