Thursday, July 29, 2010

July Non-beauty Favorites

Fuschia purple orchid in our bedroom

John Irving's Last Night in Twisted River

Aloha's Popsicle and Strawberry Daiquiri votive candles

Tulsi Raspberry Peach and Vanilla Creme herbal tea

Homemade vegan spelt muffins

What are your non-beauty related favorites this month? xxx


  1. Blue shades, cocktail rings, watermelon and peaches :)

  2. That's a lovely Orchid, I had one the same colour but didn't manage to keep it alive!
    This month I'm loving dresses! I've gone mad in the sales! And I also love July as it's my birthday month :)
    Kat x

  3. My engagement ring, wedding magazines and pizza! The muffin looks scrummy, I really missed baking while I was away. xxx

  4. @Kat O: Dresses are so perfect for summer! And a belated Happy Birthday, hun! xxx

    @loveaudrey: Oh, yes, pizza :) I made my first pizza crust on Monday and followed with some delicious topping including artichoke hearts, amazing... You should defo check out Angela's Oh She Glows blog, she has her own bakery and posts some amazing baking recipes! xxx

  5. What a great post, thank you for sharing, honey! x Maybe I should do something similar!

  6. Your posts always make me feel so calm! Not only is that flower beautiful, but you appear to be a rather awesome baker, too. That muffin looks delicious!


  7. @Marina: That would be fun, I'd love to know your favorites! xxx

    @TheBeautyBite: I'm baking a lot the past 2 weeks, my husband has become a total muffin fan, we even came up with a new nickname for him - he's to be called a Muffinator from now on. xxx

  8. I love orchids, they're such beauties !
    I already nom nomed your muffin ;p

  9. lovely orchids,and your muffins look yummy :)

  10. Muffin looks good! Think it's time for breakfast over here! lol.


  11. Love these favourites posts! Will have to look out for the John Irving and the candles sound scrumptious...not to mention the muffin! My non-beauty faves at the moment are: mojito ice cream (totally sans alcohol!), working like a train on cross-stitching pre-school bibs for my son (not much time left to finish, and I feel so proud of the results!) and watching Disney's "The Jungle Book"...such an enjoyable classic! Bare necessities indeed, especially if you look inside my make up bag!! x

  12. @Mademoiselle C.: Hehe, I guess hubs won't be very happy to learn someone munched on HIS muffins :D I'll be posting a recipe since you girls seem to love it so much!

    @jollybeachang: Thanks, sweetie! xxx

    @Ms Spoonful: I just ate it after my lunch with some Ben&Jerry's ice cream on the side, amazing! x

    @Anna: The book is really good, I recommend it, and I put the candles on my vanity so that I smell something really delicious when putting on my make-up :) I must check out your blog for the bibs! xxx

  13. I love how they bring a colorful accent to the otherwise very toned-down room :) xxx

  14. The orchid is gorgeous. I buy one for my Mum every year for Mothers day because she loves them but she always kills them XD
    Those candles look amazing!
    My non-beauty favourites:
    Mars Ice Cream
    Pixar Movies
    Tight t-shirt dresses
    Hiding the Elephant: How Magicians Invented the Impossible by Jim Steinmeyer
    and Eastenders :)

  15. hey:)

    I'll follow you if you'll follow me:

  16. @Lillian: I usually kill them too, but for the time being... My hubs got my mum one for her birthday and it's the only one that survived in my parents' house. We're joking that it just illustrates the son-in-law's love :)

  17. Oh that orchid is stunning- I could look at that photo alone for hours! Gorgeous post :)