Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rocaille of the Day: The Great 1970's

As a teen, I absolutely loved the hippie style and rocked it without hesitation: long hair, head scarves, turquoise bell bottoms, flowery tops, strings upon strings of beads... I embraced the whole package. While nowadays I'm a bit more weary of fluorescent clothing and excessive accessorizing, I still like to incorporate elements of the 70's style into my outfits.

Flowy top: C&A
Wooden beads: Orsay
Dark wash skinny jeans: Abercrombie&Fitch 'Erin' Skinnies
Purse: vintage (my mum used it as a school bag in her university days)
Bracelets: vintage (again, nipped from my mum) & Pandora
Boots: Forever 21

On a different note, my hair started getting in my eyes so much that I had it cut again last week. Do you want to see how it looks now? I'll be posting some spring trends inspired looks soon, so watch out for that. Hope you're having a lovely start of the week, my dears! x


  1. You look model perfect in these pics honey, gorgeous!! xxx

  2. Love that bag (actually love the whole outfit, and your hair looks even cooler now it's a bit longer), your mom must be really stylish as well...

  3. @loveaudrey: Thank you, sweetheart! x

    @Citrine: I love the bag too, it's a shame that it's now polluted with some bad memories, as I had my wallet stolen out it because it doesn't have any zippered compartments... I still wear it though :) x

  4. You look lovely! Great look and I must say...the short hair really suits you

  5. I really like the whole outfit, your hair really works with it.

  6. That looks lovely, but you know I love your style :)
    I have a few pieces from my mom, and I'm talking clothes. Weirdly, even though she wasn't as tall as I am, they fit :) I have a dress that looks a lot like something D&G did 2 years ago, and that she wore in 76 while she was engaged to my dad (I have pics of her wearing it).
    They're nice souvenirs to keep, I don't really wear the clothes but I do wear her jewelry!

  7. Wow, that first photo is SO totally 70's, great job!!! <3


  8. @Lydia: I've cut it again since these photos, I'll update you soon!

    @Rosario: Thank you, dear :) x

    @Marie Ella: I wish I had some of my mum's clothes as well, I think she used to be a similar size to mine. I love how fashion keeps going back to former styles! x

    @Tina: Thanks, sweetie :)