Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rocaille Raves: The Z Palette

Finally, I've laid my greedy mits on this sleek black beauty... Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to my newest obsession, the Z Palette.

I'm sure by now everyone and their grandmother has heard about it and I might be the last person in the whole wide beauty blogging world to get it, but it doesn't negate the fact that it's an awesome product. The Z Palette is a free-form palette, meaning that it comes equipped with a large magnetized sheet at the bottom which allows you to store eyeshadows of all sizes and shapes. It's made of sturdy cardboard with a strong magnetic closure and features a transparent window so that you can see all the eyeshadow/ blusher pans inside. So far, 2 sizes and 4 colors are available, with the large palette retailing for $20 and the small one for $14 (but you can watch out for discount coupons, I got mine for about $17 with shipping!). As you can see in the photo, the palette allows you to streamline your collection of various singles, duos and trios and makes reaching for these often abandonded shadows much easier.

Eyeshadows stored in the palete: Wet'n'Wild trios in Sweet as Candy, Silent Treatment, Walking on Eggshells, Covergirl single eyeshadow in Tapestry Taupe, 3 single Inglot eyeshadows, NYX single eyeshadow in White Pearl, a very old Inglot eyeshadow trio

My palette arrived on Valentine's Day and while my husband wasn't too impressed that I immediately sat down to depot eyeshadows into it, at least he snapped some shots.

I decided on the no-heat method for depotting my shadows, using alcohol to dissolve the glue that holds the pan in its plastic packaging. I've found that some shadows were more difficult to depot than others, and also that the pans themselves seem to be made of different metals as some of them would not stick to the magnetized bottom of the palette! This was especially true for my Wet'n'Wild eyeshadow trios.

All in all, I'm more than happy with my Z Palette and I'm already thinking of buying the smaller size for travel. I love how much space it saves in my vanity drawers and how easy it's become to do eye looks with all my miscellaneous shadows. What is your favorite make-up palette?


  1. oh don't worry, you're not the last to get one I have wanted one forever but for some reason still haven't made the purchase! I don't have many palettes and just long to organise everything into palettes. The Z looks fantastic (and your polka dot top is super cute !)

  2. Thank you so much for following my blog!
    I followed back!
    This looks great. I have a MAC palette but its quite flimsy and Ive always admired these.
    Ja mowie po Polsku - moj maz jest Polakiem! Ty jestes moja pierwsa Polska 'falowniczka'!!
    Pozdrawiam... Asia xxx

  3. Love the neat and organised look of palettes - whatever the brand!
    So far, I only have the MAC ones, but I'd love a Unii one (for traveling) or a Z mini, for everyday use!!!
    Great post!


  4. I have a pretty great Urban Decay one that a friend got for me for Christmas. I love it!

  5. @A Certain Vintage: I know, sometimes it takes time to jump on the bandwagon! Thanks for the compliment, lovely :) x

    @Lila Loves: Witaj na moim blogu, Asiu! Jesteś pierwszą Brytyjką jaką znam, która mówi i pisze po polsku :) Ściskam serdecznie... a Twój blog jest śliczny xxx

    @Tina: I was debating whether to get Unii as well, I like that you can put pencils and brushes in them as well. Maybe I could get a Unii one day as well? ;) x

    @April: Oh, I've yet to try a UD palette... I've heard they're fab! x

  6. hi, thanks for the post! im a big fan of the z palette.

    im thinking of depotting my wet n wild shadows and put them into my z palette. are the pans magnetic already or do i need to put magnetic strips behind them so they stick to the z palette? thanks in advance!