Friday, May 6, 2011

Etsy Find: Edor Jewelry

Whenever I have some spare funds in my PayPal account, I go browsing on Etsy for cute jewelry. In the past, I'd had mixed luck with my purchases; while some pieces looked beautiful in the photos, in person the craftsmanship was far from perfect with different shades of metal and a rough finish.

Not so this time! When I came by Cindy's shop, I instantly fell in love with her pieces. Subtle, dainty, well-designed - it was exactly what I was looking for! After a lot of thought, I ordered Sentiment Hammered Gold necklace and impatiently awaited the little parcel. When I finally opened it, I was blown away by the beautiful workmanship and ordered two more necklaces, another Sentiment for my mum and silver Pure for myself. Just look how lovely they are!

Sentiment necklace with hammered gold fill ovals

Pure silver necklace with a clear quartz gem

As you can see, the packaging is also very nice and elegant, Cindy's customer service was helpful and shipping prompt and secure. I believe that if you're ordering more than one piece, Cindy ships your parcel with signature confirmation to make sure it reaches you safely.

I can't recommend Edor enough and surely will be back for more of her designs - I'm wearing my two necklaces in constant rotation, yet there are no signs of wear. If you like delicate everyday pieces in the spirit of Dogeared, you'll love her store... and it's reasonably priced too!

What's your favorite piece of jewelry these days?


  1. wow! so elegant! <3
    No wonder you went back for more! <3

  2. They look lovely on you.. :)


  3. The jewellery is so pretty, the delicate style really suits you!
    I have tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger Award x

  4. @The Nail Buff: Thank you so much for tagging me, lovely! x

  5. I like the 2nd necklace, it's dainty.:D

    ***** Marie *****