Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ins & Outs: Travel Edition

I haven't done of these in ages, and thought it'd be a good way to give you a little update on my life in the next 6 weeks...

- winning two giveaways! I won a copy of Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm? book from Katie's blog, and a surprise package from Delyteful Speaks (who, btw, deserves way more subscribers, so go show her some blog love!). How cool is that?
- subscribing to Birchbox! If you're not familiar with the idea, it's a monthly $10 subscription service where you're sent deluxe samples of different high-end beauty products. I've just received my first box, and will be reviewing its contents in due course.

- Spring cleaning! I've cleared out our hallway closet from winter coats, snowboarding jackets, knee-high boots, hats and scarves to make some room for spring and summer clothes and accessories. It looks so much more organized now!
- homemade fruit smoothies! Into this one went a slush of orange juice, frozen strawberries and mango. Yummy...

- Haus of Gloi Milkmaid Whipped Soap: I use it every other day in my bath and absolutely love the subtle, clean floral scent. It's very feminine and perfect before bedtime, so relaxing. I like the texture a lot too, it reminds me of a meringue.
- shopping at TJ Maxx and DSW. Me and Mr. managed to score some amazing deals, including a gorgeous yellow genuine leather handbag. Unfortunately, not for me; nearly all of the things we bought were gifts I'm taking with me to...
- the big news: travelling to Poland again, for a month and a half. I can't wait to meet my family and friends, taste my mum's delicious cooking, enjoy the warm sunny May weather (unlike the rain and cold here in Seattle) in my parents' luscious green garden, haul some Polish make-up, including but not limited to Inglot... As you're reading this, I'm probably already scouring some duty-free make-up counters at Sea-Tac.

- travelling to Poland. The reason for my trip is that I'm taking my finals and defending my MA thesis at Uni, and the stress of that long stretch of exams is not making me happy. In fact, I had a slight panic attack Sunday morning, which I spent trailing tears into my scrumbled eggs. I'm better now though and believe I CAN do it.
- less and less time to myself (see above). I hope that my trip won't disturb my blog too much, and I've already got a couple posts scheduled ahead for when I won't be able to sit down to write, as well as a tonne of photos that need editing. However, should any irregularities occur, please bear with me; I'm graduating! Also, I'll return home together with my parents, who'll stay for another 3 weeks, so that might influence regular posting as well.
- the flight. I really don't like these 17-hour transatlantic journeys; luckily, this time my Polish friends have booked the exact same flight, so I'll feel less lonely in their company!
- skin woes. My skin went a bit haywire these past two weeks, going from extremely dehydrated to broken out, but I believe I'm already on the mend.

What are your Ins & Outs this week, my lovelies?


  1. Aw girl, big hugs to you! I wish you lots of good luck with your exams! And congrats on graduating! I'm going through a rough patch myself this weekend and I just need to stay focused on the positive makeup!! =)

  2. Have fun on your trip! I have a big exam (advance to candidacy @_@) next week, so I definitely feel you on the stress situation. Chin up :D

  3. I wish you the best of luck for uni (don't say thanks, it brings bad luck!!) and then fun times in sunny Europe with your family!
    We're going to be on the same time zone for a while, hihi :-)

  4. awww thanks heaps for the mention.. that's so sweet of you!

    All the best at uni and have a safe trip

    oh and that smoothie looks deliseyooosooo =P

  5. Thanks for all the updates, lovely!
    Have a great time at home and good luck with the exams! x