Monday, May 23, 2011

Rocaille Raves: La Femme Blush on Rouge

There are those days in the life of every woman when she feels a strong craving for a new blush. For some, these probably just come about every couple years, but for me, they occur more often than not. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling particularly peckish, watched another Wayne Goss' video and promptly decided I needed some La Femme in my life.

As you already know from the title of this post, I cannot find a fault with these beauties. Retailing for the bargainous price of $2.50, these beauties are one of the most pigmented, smooth and long-lasting blushes in my collection. The pan holds a generous 5.5 grams of product and is slightly bigger than a Stila eyeshadow/ blush pan. The shade and finish selection is immense, and so far I have managed to accumulate six.

Clockwise from top: Pink Velvet, Coral, Mocha, Flamingo Pink, Orchid Ice, Mandarin Red

Pink Velvet is a matte bright pink; it has slightly more warm than cool tones and would probably suit all complexions.
Coral is a matte orangey red; compared to Benefit's CORALista, it's much deeper in hue and has less pink. Still, it looks great even against cooler undertones and is possibly my favorite with a tan.
Mocha is a rosey brown with slight golden shimmer, quite beautiful in a very understated way.
Flamingo Pink is a very cool matte pink, almost leaning on purple. It's very brightening, but would possibly look a bit odd against warmer undertones or on deeper skins.
Orchid Ice is a berry pink with blue shimmer, quite similar to the NYX Mega Shine gloss in African Queen, but in a blush form. The shimmer does translate quite well on the skin, giving the blush a lot of dimension. Such a unique shade!
Mandarin Red is a corally/ peachy pink with golden shimmer, again very beautiful on the cheeks and probably wearable for most complexions. It's perfect for the warm season and I reach for it whenever in doubt.

(L-R): Pink Velvet, Mandarin Red, Coral, Orchid Ice, Flamingo Pink, Mocha

In fact, I love these babies so much that I took only them with me on my month and a half trip to Poland! I stuck them in my Z-Palette and I'm reaching for them every day. So far, I'm still not bored.

As you can see in the swatches, the colors look quite beautiful on the skin. Some colors are slightly more pigmented than the others, with Pink Velvet being possibly the least vibrant of the bunch. However, this still means you need to tap off the brush on the back of your hand if you want to avoid extremely dolly cheeks! The matte shades are also a bit less smooth and more powdery than the shimmer ones, but still very blendable and easy to work with.

Have you tried La Femme blushes? Which colors are your cup of tea?


  1. Damn I wish I hadn't seen this post - now I'm itching for La Femme and a Z-Palette. Monika, you are a bad, bad lady. Off to browse and pretend I can afford it :)


  2. Monika, you are NOT helping with my mission to stop buying blushers! >.< These look (& sound) just lovely.

  3. omg ;-) are these available in the uk? (or why are they not available in PL ;-))
    hope you're doing well with the uni!

  4. @Cami: Well, it's not my fault you NEED them, because you do, right? :) And yes, I'm evil.

    @Rae: They really are, luckily it's an inexpensive treat!

    @anu: I think maybe love make-up sells them? I'm better oriented in the US market I'm afraid. Someone really should start selling them in the good old PL! Thanks for the wishes, I think I'm doing fine :) Buziaki.

  5. I bought a few for a friend in the UK but didn't grab any for myself! These are beautiful! Thanks for the post xx

  6. these look amazing! where do you get these?

  7. @makeup merriment: They're amazing, I'm glad you found the post helpful!

    @Kajal Couture: I got them at MakeUpMania again, I think they have the lowest prices from various online retailers :)

  8. Hmmmm very nice indeed. I have never tried La Femme products and usually only use creme blushers in my kit. These are very affordable though!