Monday, May 2, 2011

Rocaille Redes: Make-up Tips for Almond-Shaped Eyes

This post has been suggested by the lovely Fleur-de-Lis, who admitted she had problems with applying her eyeshadows because of having a rather small lid space. For a Caucasian, I have rather small lids as well with not that much of a crease; my eye shape somewhat resembles that of an almond, which can be tricky when it comes to eye make-up. I feel that for this particular shape, many tips on Asian/monolid eyes apply better than the standard make-up rules.

To help some of you who might have the same problem, I've prepared a little step-by-step tutorial featuring Urban Decay Naked Palette and EcoTools brushes. If you don't have that, just grab any neutral shadows you might have and your favorite eye brushes; the principle remains the same.

1. Start with a well-primed eye, or just dab a bit of foundation on the lids to even out the skintone. I'm using Benefit F.Y.eye primer.

2. Apply a champagne base color like UD Sin all over the lid up to the crease.

3. In the crease, apply a small amount of a matte light/medium brown, like UD Naked mixed in with a bit of UD Buck. This step is optional; I'm just doing it to warm the skin up a little. Also, apply the same shade at the lower lashline, going about half of the way in.

4. In the outer V (the very outer corner of the eye at the lashline and a little bit into the crease), apply a darker grey/brown shade like UD Darkhorse. Blend inwards.

5. With an angled brush, apply a bit more of the darkest shade (Darkhorse) at the lashline and flick it out at the outer corner slightly.

6. Apply a light cream satin shade like Virgin to the inner corners. I've skipped applying the eyeshadow under my browbone as I feel it often looks a bit too much on me.

7. Curl your lashes, add your favorite mascara and you're done!

The basic rule I follow is not to go too far in with my crease color, or in most cases, just skip the crease altogether and just apply the darker shadow to the outer V/ outer third of the eye. Also, I very rarely use a dark pencil to fill in my waterline; it just looks way too harsh and makes my eyes appear smaller. Instead, I prefer lining my upper lash line with a little flick at the end. It further accentuates and elongates my eye shape. That's it; nothing ground-breaking, but I hope it helps, or at least you know how I use my Naked Palette for an everyday neutral look.

What is your favorite eye make-up tip?


  1. Aww you look so fresh and so lovely! As usual :-)

  2. You look lovely! Naked and Virgin are the two shades I use most often from the UD Naked palette haha.

  3. This is so helpful! I have the same eye shape as you, although it must be said that my eyes are nowhere near as lovely as yours! I will try this look out tomorrow x

  4. Thank you for this! My eyes are almost the same shape as yours, very almond like. I think they are gorgeous, but as you say they can be somewhat tricky to make-up, especially if you follow the norms. I also tend to be careful with using a too dark shade for my crease, and I also don't tend to use an eyeliner on my whole eye - just the outer V-line, which really opens up my eyes. Thank you again, would be fun to see more tutorials like this. Perhaps on how to apply blush? Anna

  5. i believe i have a somewhat similar eyeshape although i am asian. :) thank you for this post it's so helpful!

  6. @Musing on Beauty: Thank you so much, hun! x

    @Cecilia: Virgin is gorgeous, I'm already afraid of running out!

    @The Nail Buff: Let me know how it works out for you! x

    @Anna W: So true about the eyeliner, maybe I should do a little tutorial on that too? I'll get cracking on a blush tutorial as well, thanks for the idea :) x

    @sugar sugar: I'm so glad it helped you some! x

  7. This technique makes you look very wide eyed and suits your eye shape well!

  8. very subtle yet beautiful... You look amazing hun

  9. Odkryłam Cię niedawno i muszę stwierdzić, że wydajesz się niezwykle sympatyczna :) Ponad to okazało się, że jestem do Ciebie trochę podobna ;] Bardzo przydatny "poradnik".
    Czy mogłabyś mi powiedzieć jakiego podkładu używasz ?:) Z tego co widzę na zdjęciach mam niemalże identyczny odcień cery jak Twój tylko posiadam masę piegów :) Byłabym wdzięczna za odpowiedź ;]

  10. Really nice! I don't have any e/s by UD, but I want to buy some. How do they compare to MAC?

  11. Hi dear! Thanks so much for these tips. As you said, I also like to use monolid or asian eye makeup tips because I think I don't have the traditional caucasian eye shape at all. I'll try to do a post someday with these tips and some others for this eye shape, that can be really hard to put makeup on! Thanks so much again :)

  12. @Delyteful Speaks: Thank you, lovely :)

    @TheLadyMiki: Hej Kochana, cieszę się, że podoba Ci się mój blog! Na tych zdjęciach mam podkład Revlon Colorstay w odcieniu Ivory zmieszany z kremem nawilżającym - jeśli masz jasną cerę z różowym odcieniem, ten kolor jest świetny. Polecam też podkłady Graftobian HD Glamour Creme (recenzja wkrótce), ale tutaj już niestety trzeba zamawiać przez internet i trochę zgadywać z kolorami. Mam nadzieję, że to trochę pomogło :) x

    @Catharina: I think they're great quality - some of them are glitter bombs with a lot of fallout, but the matte, satin and shimmer/frost shades are great.

    @Fleur-de-Lis: I'll be on the lookout for your post! Thanks for the request, lovely, it turned out a lot of us have similar make-up woes! x

  13. Beautiful eyes. Flawless skin.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. this is a great look. very natural. i think one thing that is really beneficial to great application like yours is the different brushes you use. well done on a pretty, simple look!