Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday wishlist

My birthday is getting closer and closer and I've been thinking for quite some time about the things I'd like to get (possibly because I'm that shallow), so I thought I might as well share my cravings with you :) My 23rd birthday is on the 7th of September, 2 days after the wedding. I'm sure there'll be enough alcohol left after the big day to celebrate it too!

It all started with me wanting badly Benefit's Creaseless Cream eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans. This product is available in Poland, but when I saw its whopping price in Sephora, I decided I'd rather ask my fiance to pick that up for me, there's a Shopper's Drugmart with a Benefit counter about 3 minutes walk from our apartment so he can make that sacrifice... Then I thought I might as well ask him for some bits and bobs from Lush since they're unavailable in Poland, maybe a solid perfume I could carry with me... I'd also love some new stud earrings, these rose shaped ones are really adorable and elegant; I'm saving this wish for my mum, I know she'll pick something beautiful. To finish off, I'm really enjoying wide waist belts at the moment, and I think this plum shade is perfect for autumn. And, lastly, speaking of autumn, a nice square scarf would be ideal for chilly days.

What do you think of my birthday wishlist? Anything else I have to have? xxx


  1. Amazing wishlist!
    Congrats on your wedding, I did not know you were getting married!!

  2. @Catanya: Thank you, sweetie! Well, watch out for more wedding-related posts, I'm planning another one tomorrow! xxx

  3. You need something Illamasqua! An Illamasqua blush!!! :) But great list!! xxx

  4. Congrats on the upan coming big day - You'll look beautiful! I love how you did this post, and I'd love to know what you think of skinny jeans when you get it - I agree abut the Illamasqua blush lol xxx

  5. Loving your birthday list, hope all of your birthday dreams come true!!

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    love lots,

    advanced happy birthday!!!

  7. @Tali: I'd love to get my grubby hands on some Illamasqua, but I guess asking my fiance/family to pick something up for me from the website and then have it shipped would be too much... xxx

    @mizzworthy: I promise I'll do a look with Skinny Jeans, but I'm not really sure when because we're going for a honeymoon trip soon after the wedding... I'll try as soon as possible! xxx

    @Ocean Dreams: Thank you, sweetie! xxx

    @rhaindropz: Thanks for letting me know, I'll defo check it out! xxx

  8. we share the same birthday month! happy early birthday :) i like your list as is--it seems very you--if you get a solid perfume from lush, i would recommend Honey I Washed the Kids :)

  9. love this list btw, Skinny Jeans is amazing and so is Birthday Suit!!

  10. @fantastic: I was thinking about this smell in fact! But later on I changed my mind and I actually think I'd like to get a 'proper' perfume bottle, I'm bored with the scent I use right now (Carolina Herreira 212). xxx

    @Michelle: I also loved Birthday Suit when I swatched it at Sephora, but I don't want to ask for too much :) xxx