Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ins & Outs

I feel a bit sorry for not posting as often as I used to these days, but you girlies have to excuse me; this week I reached home every day at 8pm the earliest. But it's been a very fruitful week so far!

1. Wedding planning and preparations. I managed to sort out so many things this week! First off, I had a meeting with a florist and decided on the venue and car decorations and also chose my wedding bouquet. The color theme will be off-white/cream shades combined with delicate apricot and some greens. For my bouquet, we settled on off-white lisanthius, small apricot roses and freesia (mmm, the smell...). What I also love about this florist is that she makes all the flower decorations in disposable containers, so we can give them to the guests or take them home after the reception!

The bouqet will be similar to this one, but with apricot roses instead of pink. Sorry for the poor quality, but I couldn't upload a better photo.
This week I also had a dress fitting, met with a friend to hand over an invite, met with 'special effects' people to discuss fireworks (this one was a catastrophy, unfortunately) and yesterday I met with a camera man. So many things to cross off my list!

2. New pair of cute ecru heels. They're meant to be worn for my cousin's wedding next week and also as a spare pair for the wedding in case my wedding shoes prove uncomfortable. These are made of super soft leather and the heel height is perfect for such an unexperienced wearer as me!

A bit dirty after one walk on the road from my parents' house to the bus stop...
3. Challenging project at work. So far, I worked as an English teacher at my company, but our boss is thinking of expanding the company's business activities and I've been appointed to deal with all the translation projects we'll have. I'll be responsible for developing our offer, gaining and dealing with the clients and managing projects. If everything goes well, it'll also mean a pay rise :)

4. Patchouli essential oil. Will it prove to be the new tea tree oil? It has similar properties as the latter, plus the smell is much more sensual and it keeps mosquitos and other bugs away, a huge plus for this summer, as I'm constantly covered in mosquito bites.

5. Tan. I do look so much better tanned than piggy pink. I'm still trying to find a prefect product to get the effect though. In terms of bronzer, I'm loving my Coastal Scents G Bronzer/ Blush. It gives a perfect, natural glow to the cheeks.

6. Hen night. I don't have a faintest idea what my girls are up to, but I know that even my mum and my future mother-in-law are engaged (or else they're engaged in some other surprise for us, I'm not sure). I love surprises and I'm so grateful they're organizing it, because initially I thougt I'd have to take care of it myself.

1. Being tired and stressed out. Work and wedding planning are sometimes too much for me.

2. Having a great idea for a post and not being able to execute it thanks to the lack of time.

3. The guests not confirming their presence at the reception. Honestly, do people really think is doesn't make a difference? I can sort of understand some old aunties hesitating to reach for the phone, but mine and fiance's friends?!

What are your Ins and Outs this week?


  1. Glad the wedding plans are going well. I really hate that people don't feel the need to RSVP these days, especially when there are so many ways to communicate. Lovely shoes as well. they look very comfy! xxx

  2. @loveaudrey: That's so true, they could even text me if they don't feel like calling! The shoes are super comfy, but somehow I got a tiny blister on one toe... but I think that was just an accident ;) xxx

  3. Love the bouquet - it reminds me of the bouquet I carried ;-)

    I love the shoes too. :-)

    My ins this week: vacation
    My outs: coming back. I need to win the lottery and become a woman of leisure.

    Michelle xx

  4. ahhh, the guests who don't want to rsvp. soooo annoying! everything else seems like it's running along smoothly! have a great time on your hen night :)

  5. @Michelle: Oh, being a lady of leisure is sometimes a tad boring... I'm actually quite happy to be busy :) But I need holidays as well! xxx

    @Suka and Spice: Yes, it is annoying! What I've also noticed is that people don't come in groups; if one person in the family/ group of friends decides not to go, the rest drops the invitation as well :(
    I'll defo post some pictures of the hen night once it's over, but I still have more than 3 weeks to wait for it! xxx

  6. So glad to see wedding plans are coming along nicely. The bouquet pic is gorgeous and the flowers you chose couldn't be more perfect. You sound happy and excited. Enjoy!! xoxoNadia

  7. @Nadia: You're always such a sweetheart, Nadia! Seriously, the Canadian girlies on Blogger are especially nice, maybe Polish people and Canadians are on the same wavelength :) Thank you! xxx