Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The prettiest shopping bag ever

Just a quick post to share with you... yes, the prettiest shopping bag ever (if you're a bit of an artsy geek like me).

Anyone recalls this painting? It's "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt, a XIX/XXth century Symbolist painter and a prominent member of the Vienna Art Nouveau movement (Vienna Secession). This particular art work is one of the most famous paintings from his critically acclaimed Golden Phase. As you may know from my Mucha inspirations, I definitely have a thing for Art Nouveau, so I had to get this shopping bag!

I heart it so much that I'm even thinking of converting this into a regular bag...

Then I also spotted this gorgeous flowy top at C&A for less than half price. You could wear it with a cami underneath, but for really hot summer nights, it's actually opaque enough to sport it on its own. These are definitely 'my' colors and it fits really nicely.

For those of you interested in my wedding updates, today I met with a florist to discuss the details of my bouquet as well as venue and car decorations. She turned out to be a really sweet, professional girl and I'm so happy to cross out such a big thing from my wedding preparation list! Tomorrow I'm having a dress fitting and a meeting with a fireworks man to see what 'special effects' he can offer for our big day.

Other than that, I'd like to thank all of you girlies for your super sweet and encouraging comments, especially on my last post, and say hello to my new readers! I really appreciate your support and enjoy meeting you through your blogs. THANK YOU! xxx


  1. what a pretty shopping bag! now i'm sure you didn't pick it up at the grocery store?! i would much prefer one of these to my whole foods bags..hehehe

    btw, i tagged you ;)

  2. I really like the top and adore vivid colours of the bag.

    Have a great day, sweetie!


  3. Oh I love that bag, and the kiss is one of my favourite paintings of all time - love it! x

  4. @Suka and Spice: Noo, I picked it up at this sort of funny store called 'This&That' and this is exactly what they carry, different bits and blobs :) I also got there a scented sachet for my wardrobe, it smells of bergamot, yum!

    Thanks for the tag, hun! xxx

  5. @Natalia: The top looks fab on, I paired it with suit-cut brown trousers today and some Egyptian beads, really cute! Also gives me nice curves, especially in the upper part of my body ;)

    @Jen: I adore this painting too! xxx

  6. It is bloody stunning!!!! Love the color!! xx

  7. @Tali: Thanks, hun! A cheapie as well :) xxx

  8. hello Rocaille, I am popped in your blog and saw this the BEST shopping bag ever! I really adore it, could you tell me where did you get this ??


  9. @Yi: Hi, sweetie! Yes, the bag is the best ever :) I got in a store here in Poland called 'This&That', they carry souvenirs, pillows, china, incense, those kind of stuff. I got it for 13 PLN which is 2,5 British pound or 4 USD. I'm not sure if the store is worldwide, I'm afraid... xxx