Sunday, August 2, 2009

FOTD 60's style

Today I felt like doing a 60's winged eyeliner look to go with my poppies print dress I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. I was going to town to meet with a friend over some freshly squeezed fruit juice and icecream and, because it's super hot and sunny this weekend, I was a bit afraid as to how my make-up was going to last. I didn't use waterproof cosmetics but I'm still very impressed how everything lasted!

My tan, a result of sun rays, fake tan and bronzer... I really like it!

I also used some of my July favorite products here, so you can see how they perform!

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW20
Coastal Scents Honey Fair 1.2 Flawless Finish Foundation mixed with CS Concealer A (much darker shade)
NYX blusher in Taupe
CS blusher in Dare
Wet'n'Wild MegaGlo Face Illuminator in Blushing

CS Eye Poxy primer
Revlon Seashells cream eyeshadow quad (peachy shade to cancel out blue veining on my lids)
Eyeshadows from 78 e/s and blush palette
GOSH pen liquid eyeliner in black
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara

MAC lipstick in Jest

Do you also do a winged eyeliner look in the summer or only reserve it for the fall/winter time?


  1. Winged liner is good all year! This looks lovely on you xxx

  2. goooorgeous! really good eye liner. i wish i could do it as good as you! xx

  3. The eyeliner looks fab!! You look gorgeous! xXx

  4. I've just been reading Marie Claire and winged eyeliner is the look of the moment! It looks beautiful on you x

  5. What a beautiful look, your skin looks flawless. Winged liner suits you, I'd say wear it year round.

  6. Beautiful!!! Hope you had a wonderful time! x

  7. If winged liner looked that good on me I'd wear it everyday!! You look beautiful!


  8. you look gorgeous!!! very elegant and sophisticated that i just had to comment.
    i wear subtle winged eyeliner all year round :)

  9. Gorgeous... as ever! I'm really liking the look of that lipstick. xxx

  10. Wow, girlies, thanks so much to all of you, you're always so sweet! xxx

    @MizzWorthy: I'm also a great fan of winged eyeliner all year round! x

    @Victoria: Ehhnn, it took me ages this time, I really wanted to get both eyes even! x

    @hazeleyes and tackyblueeyeshadow: Thank you, hunnies! x

    @Daisy: Hmm, it seems I might be a trend-setter! Thanks, cherie :) x

    @CarolinaBetter: Thank you so much, sweetie! Maybe my new routine is actually working... And somehow orangey tan looks good on me, probably because this is how I naturally tan in the sun... x

    @Natalia (Little Rus): We discussed how Internet is destroying culture ;) But he's an avid blogger as well! And the raspberry icecream was so yummy...

    @Aisling: I'm sure it also looks fab on you! x

    @freckletone: Thanks for your comment, hun! Winged eyeliner rocks! x

    @loveaudrey: Jest doesn't get much attention from bloggers, but if you're not really nude lip girl like me (my lips are just too pigmented, I guess), this is a really nice choice for summer! x

  11. love what you did with the eyeliner!

    I do it too sometimes, but I don't make the line that long, too chicken haha!

    Have a great week!

  12. @Toothfairynotes: Thank you! I'm usually also too chicken to do a long line every day :) Today I did a winged eyeliner look using metallic green liquid eyeliner and I feel like everyone is staring at me in the street... Mostly men, so maybe that's a good sign ;)

    Cheers! xxx

  13. @Farmgirl: Thanks, hun! Unfortunately I broke out really badly this weekend, so no FOTDs for a while! xxx