Thursday, August 13, 2009

New make-up station

I already showed you my make-up storage in our apartment in Vancouver, but I was a bit at my wits' end when I came back home and realised I had literally nowhere to put my stuff.

First, I hesitated about setting it up in a chest of drawers in my bedroom, putting most products in an Ikea organizer I've had for ages. However, the drawback of this solution was that I wouldn't be able to sit at it. Then I thought that I could actually put everything in the bathroom, but again the disadvantages were a very diffcult access to a mirror where I'd have to lean across the sink and also bad lighting. Finally I decided against those two solutions and started preparing a station at my desk, where I can sit comfortably and the daylight hits my face directly from a window.

If you (like me) don't have a vanity table or a nice set-up in your bathroom, I highly recommend this solution. Here is what I did:

1. First I had to empty two top drawers so I could put all my make-up products in there. This was a bit of a challenge!

2. Then I cleaned the drawers with a damp cloth on which I poured a couple of drops of lavender essential oil, so they smell really nice when I open them.

3. The very top drawer now houses various face products and a kabuki brush, liners and mascara as well as single eyeshadows and eyeshadow bases.

The second drawer is filled with my two palettes, a brush case with mostly eye brushes (not in the photo), a container with lip products and some other stuff like samples, falsies, sponge applicators etc.

4. On the desk top, I put a cup with my most often used face brushes, a lit-up mirror and a scented candle. Right now I also added my MAC brush cleanser so I can have it handy whenever I need it.

I really like my station, it definitely saves me time when I'm getting ready in the morning. I'm also thinking about decorating it somehow, would you ladies have any suggestions how to prettify it?

PS. I'm away for a cousin's wedding tomorrow, so I'll blog all about my make-up, hair and outfit when I come back - watch out for that!


  1. Enjoy the Wedding!! TAKE PHOTOS!

    Great idea about the scented oil, i have to do that next time i clean out my desk! xxo

  2. Can't wait to read your new post. I love what you did and really like your mirror. x

  3. @Tali: I will take my camera and defo snap some photos! Let the essential oil obsession spread :) xxx

    @Natalia: I like the mirror too, but the light is not as strong as I'd wish :( xxx

  4. I like how you're incorporating oil into so many things! Great ideas ;)

  5. Looks great :) when at my university house I use my desk for make-up storage and application too - it's just so much easier!

  6. realy nice and clean! but I know I would turn it into a gigantic mess within a week or so! hahaha!


  7. @Ane: Yes, it's a proper essential oil obsession :)xxx

    @Lydia: I guess that's a very good solution for all students!xxx

    @Toothfairynotes: I know what you mean, I have that tendency too :) xxx

  8. I like to add a little vase of flowers every few weeks to brighten up the space - plus it makes me feel better. Even better if you can get someone else to buy them for you :P

  9. @Phoebe: Oh yes, some flowers would be lovely... Thanks for the tip, hun! xxx