Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday award and a secret

I feel like at the Oscars - all because of you, bloggy beauties! Recently I've been nominated for an awesome blog award and I can't wait to pass it on :)

The absolutely lovely Suka & Spice (very promptly nicknamed a Tongan Princess by Tali ) gave me this hilarious award; thank you, cherie!

The rules are to list your 5 current obsessions, link back to the person who nominated you, and then nominate 5 fabulous blogs by linking to them and letting them know in the comments. Simple!

1. Wedding. Enough said :)

2. Lingerie. Seriously, my undies are a STATE. If I were in MTV Room Riders, I don't even want to imagine what the poor audience would think of my drawer. The biggest crime is that most of my bras are the wrong size and they're really uncomfortable to wear. But... I went lingerie shopping today, haul will be posted soon!

3. Beautiful photography. I discovered Tumblr through Magpie Sparkles blog and I never have enough. It really motivates me to start snapping my own photos pronto!

4. Tan. I want a perfect tan now! Any product recommendations, my lovelies?

5. Essential oils. I blogged about this last week I think, and I'm still lusting after some new scents to add to my collection. Currently, my favorites are levender, patchouli and eucalyptus.

I tag these amazing blogs:

Loveaudrey, with whom I share the Hepburn obsession

Tali at The Gloss Goss, another Slavic beauty junkie

Victoria at Lily loves Lola, a fellow dog person

Hele and Holly at The Nail Buff, which got me hooked on nail polish

Natalia at Fashion Titbits, who posts the most amazing fashion photos

Also, I decided to let you girls in a secret :) When I set up mu blog a couple of months ago I decided to keep it separate from my real life identity and not to share it with my non-virtual friends as I knew there'd be little understanding for it. I even disguised my name and settled on a French nickname ('rocaille' [pr. ro'kay] is an ornament in the shape of a shell/ spiral, widely used in the art of Rococo period) , even though I'm Polish. Anyhow, I know this has been a bit confusing to some of my readers and I thought that I also love knowing people's real names, so... My name is Monika, in Polish pronounciation stressed on the second, not first syllable; yes, I'm a a languages geek, you have to bear with me... :)

So, if you feel comfortable revealing it, what's your real name? I'd love to know! xxx


  1. Hey Monika! Love this post. Michelle is my real name ;-)

  2. @Michelle: Oh I know and I always remember you as Michelle, I think the name totally suits you! xxx

  3. My name is Daisy :) I think it's on my blog though so no secret there!

    I relate to how you feel about keeping your blog seperate from real-life friends. Only my boyfriend knows about mine :)

  4. @Daisy: The same for me, only fiance knows but he doesn't read it, because I think he doesn't want me to feel as he spies on me or something :) xxx

  5. Aww, the nickname! How did I get this nickname?! I think the wedding will continue to be your obsession, even after it is over. We just looked at our photos last night, and all the memories are back!

    Btw, I'm Ane...hehehe..I did the same thing when starting my blog--but I suppose having my picture all over it (now) doesn't leave much a secret! xx

  6. My name is Talita but Tali seems to be what everyone calls me!! haha I love that you noticed the Tongan Princess name haha.. i think it suits her!!

    Love how you came up with your blog name! Its more fun than just your usual name. On Youtube people keep calling me its my name! So funny!!


  7. Heh I did the same thing, except I just used my last name, Rosario. I don't know why, but having an internet alias just seems appropriate!

  8. @Ane: Ha! Now I can call you your real name, that's so much better :)

    I think you're right, this will be a bit of an obsession for quite some time. The best thing is that with time you forget about the stress or faux-pas and remember only the best moments :)

    @Tali: I like your name a lot! Tongan Princess definitely suits Ane, she's so classy :) LOL @ Gloss... It's like Silver Floss in The Spirit :) xxx

    @Rosario: So true! Also, it's nice to be sometimes called by a nickname; BTW, I have a lot of nicknames among my friends and family! xxx

  9. Monika, such a beautiful name!!! Thanks so much for thinking about me and your lovely comments. I love your obsessions, especially, the oils, the lingerie and photography. I will do the post on mine on Wednesday.

    Have a wonderful day, honey!


  10. Noone really knows I blog either! I've mentioned it to my mum a few times but she doesn't really understand!
    My real name is Lydia but that is no secret on my blog :)
    I've just tagged you for an award btw! xox

  11. @Natalia: I never really liked my name that much, but after living abroad I appreciate it for its internationality! Can't wait to see your picks :) xxx

    @Lydia: Aww, thanks so much hun, I'm going to check it out in a sec! xxx

  12. Hello sweetheart!

    I know I've been MIA for a while, feel so bad ;p The award is well deserved, you're awesome! As for EO, I love lavender as well and Organic Lemon is great to sniff when I'm nauseous or feeling sick. I'm obsessed w/ EO! you already know my real name, so we'll just keep it at that ;)


  13. @Farmgirl: A really pretty name as well! Speaking of citrus fruit, I have to get my hands on grapefruit EO, it's supposed to help with the cellulite :) Welcome back! xxx

  14. 1 more award for you, the Lemonade Stand, on my blog

  15. Monika! Such a pretty name. I just liked the name Ondine - friend of my folks has a granddaughter with the name Ondine and I just think it's lovely. It's also first pick for if and when I have a daughter. My real name....well, everyone calls me Philly. Apart from Mr C, who calls me Pips.

  16. @Ondine: I also like your nickname a lot, it reminds me of Nordic mythology :) Philly is nice as well... I have so many nicknames among the family and friends that it's a bit ridiculous. Take care, hun! xxx