Saturday, October 24, 2009


The weather here has recently been dull, drizzly and depressing, which makes me feel quite demotivated. To counteract the signs of autumnal crisis, I recommend this: "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulin". It was a huge success a couple of years ago, and I went to see it in an old, art-déco cinema with my brother. I've seen it a good couple of times since and it never fails to make me smile. If you like a beautiful collage of warm colors, surreal humor, romantic music, quirkiness, and, of course, Paris, you have to see this film.

To encourage you further, these are my favorite stills.

What is your favorite comfort movie?


  1. Ohh such beautiful images- I have never seen this movie, I really must!
    My fave. comfort movie is Pretty Woman :)
    Aw thanks for your comment- the Teapot I got from a Trash and treasure stall for FREE lol

  2. Oh I LOVE this film too. One of those films that really 'spoke' to me - I love Amelie and all her feels very familiar. Last time i went to Paris I did a little Amelie walk I found on the internet and found the greengrocer from the film!
    My favourite comfort films are probably You Were Never Lovlier (starring, of course - the lovely Rita Hayworth) and Dirty Dancing!

  3. @Sarah: Ahh, Pretty Woman is a classic :) The teapot is such a great find! xxx

    @Ondine: I'll have to go on that walk next time I'm in Paris :) I haven't seen You Were Never Lovlier, I guess I should look for it somewhere, I can imagine it'd be perfect for this time of year! xxx

  4. I love Amelie! My favourite bits are the raspberry one that you put above and also the moment when she turns to water and splashes on the floor! But my favourite comfort film has to be "Breakfast at Tiffany's", and I swear I'm not saying it just because Audrey is staring at me while I'm writing this!!! xx

  5. This is one of my favourite films!! Might dig it out and watch it tonight as I really need cheering up... sleep deprivation is starting to get me down!

    Thanks for making me smile as usual hun!


  6. I've got to watch Amelie again... I saw in in 2002 (a year after it came out) and just thought it was ok. Still there was some adorable magic in it... x

  7. @Anna: Oh, Audrey must have had some part in you choosing 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' ;) That's a great pick for rainy days as well! xxx

    @loveaudrey: My pleasure, sweetie :) Ehn, I'm sure I'm not even close with my lack of sleep, but at least I can somehow imagine what you're going through! xxx

    @Natalia: I think maybe at first I also wasn't so much in love, but then when I learnt French a bit better and started to understand the original version, it was much better. Or maybe it gets better every time you watch? ;) xxx