Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Ins & Outs

I haven't done one of those for ages!


1. Stud earrings. I went through a phase of wearing very chunky, dangling earrings, but recently I've been preferring the studs more, especially the silver and semi-precious stone ones.

2. Starting fitness classes this week. Back to shape!

3. Knitwear. We didn't have autumn weather at all this year in Poland, winter came almost immediately after summer. Warm, soft sweaters and cardis are a must.

4. Fall/Winter colors, especially reds, plums and... ultramarine.

5. Longer hair.


1. Shorter and shorter days. I leave home in the morning at night and come back home in the evening at night as well.

2. More and more coursework. Plus, I made a jerk out of myself today in the interpreting class. Why did I have to get the most difficult text to interpret?

3. Drinking too little water throughout the day.

What are your Ins and Outs for the beginning of this week?

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