Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shorter and redder

My nails have gone... you got it, shorter and redder. After long, fair-colored summer talons, here come wintery saturated tones of red, deep pink and purple. I tend to think such shades look more elegant and modern on shorter nails, so I have filed mine down, also because of the state my nails had been in since the wedding. Especially the right index finger was unfortunate enough to get into a lot of trouble: breaking from the side as a result of rock climbing, peeling, full frontal break caused by me falling on the stairs. Firstly, I removed the varnish to help them grow, but that didn't really work out, so I coated them in nail polish so that it acts as a protective shield. What would your advice be, to paint or not to paint?

Enough rambling. I hereby introduce you to one of the best polishes I have recently tried, Astor's Longer and Stronger. The formula and the brush of this polish is amazing, giving you streak-free, deep-coloured, shiny nails with just one coat, plus it claims to contain calcium and keratin to strengthen your nails. This beautiful color here is 525 Rose Forever. It looks more raspberry pink in the bottle, but once on the nails, seems more like a wearable deep red with a hint of pink and cream finish.

So far it's been quite long-wearing too. I actually stole this bottle from my mum, but I felt authorised to since it was me who helped her to choose this shade ;) I love it!

What's on your nails right now?


  1. That's a beautiful colour. Reminds me of my favourite Revlon Polish Cherries in the Snow. When my nails need some TLC I usually apply a strengthening base coat under my polish. They look lovely in these shots anyway xxx

  2. I love that red color, very beautiful! Glad you found a shade that suits you so well!

  3. My nails are a similar color! Red nail polish by opi. One coat it looked purple.. but 2 coats and its a sexy red!!

  4. @Loveaudrey: I have to get my hands on Cherries in the Snow lipstick, it must be such a beautiful color! I'm also into darker lipstick right now, but I sometimes feel it might be too much just for uni...

    I also used 2 coats of my Rimmel base coat, fingers crossed it'll work!

    @OceanDreams: Thank you, sweetie! xxx

    @Tali: Hmmm, I might have some spare funds on my Paypal soon, so me thinks I'll have to take a look at some OPI colors... Any suggestions? xxx

  5. Wow you're nails are so beautiful!! This nail colour is just gorgeous!
    Btw, I just tagged you on my blog :)

  6. i really like this shade on you--and the length of your nails. i think everything tends to look better on short well-manicured nails :)

    i vote for paint--and use it as a shield.

  7. @Sarah: Thank you, sweetie, both for the compliment and the tag! xxx

    @fantastic: I think I also like them shorter now, maybe I tend to go through phases in the preferred length of my nails... So far the polish has protected the two unlucky nails, so I guess the painting method works better! xxx

  8. I've got Astor's rose forever on my nail right now. I love it too. =)