Friday, October 9, 2009

First swap

I'd been lemming some UK make-up for ages, so when I saw Amy-Louise (lipgloss86) asking for volunteers to do a swap, I was instantly up for it. The package arrived exactly 2 days after the wedding and a day before my birthday, so that was really great timing, Amy!

I LOVE and use everything I got, thanks to Amy being such an expert in UK brands (go check her blog out to see what I mean). I know I'm so behind on everything, but I have to say I was especially happy to get my hands on the Sleek Storm palette, which I used every day during my holidays, and Barry M Peachy Pink Lip Paint, another summer favorite. It's a perfect nude shade when you're really tanned, or if you're more of a Marie Antoinette in terms of complexion, it's a bright but very wearable color. In terms of finish, it's a matte so I find it a bit on the drying side, but with some lipbalm it's just perfect.

I also got two Barry M Nail Paints, a Shocking Pink (my husband's little sisters' favorite) and a famous Mint Green. I've only tried Shocking Pink so far, but I'm so impressed by the consistency and longevity of wear; I don't know whether to be sorry or happy that the range is unavailable in Poland because I'd probably snatch it all.

Amy also included a Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder in the shade Sun Shine in the package. Currently, the above mentioned bronzer and Coastal Scents' G Bronzer/Blush are competing for the 'Best Bronzer of My Make-up Drawer' title and the judges have a really hard time trying to make their decision. Right now, Natural Collection is being used more often.

Then I received The Little Pink Tin lipbalm with SPF 15, carried everywhere in my purse, Eylure Kimberley Girls Aloud falsies, what a gorgeous shape, beautyuk eyeshadow palette, hmm, still unopened (why?) and James Brown dry shampoo.

Again, thanks so much Amy for doing a swap with me! What's your favorite item you've ever received in a swap?


  1. ahhh everything looks amazing!! Swapping is so much fun!! I love UK swaps. I have done them acouple times... the brands are never a dissapointment!

  2. So true... Ehn, why do Sleek or BarryM have to be exclusive to the UK?! :) xxx

  3. You're married already??!! Wow, Congratulations! You must show us some photos, I can imagine what a beautiful Bride you must have been!! xx

  4. yay! im sad the bronzer didnt make it in one piece :( x

  5. @Saskia: Haha, I'm trying to build some drama here... I already have the photos and will defo show some of them... Tomorrow maybe? ;) xxx

    @Amy: I still love it and seriously use it every day :) Thanks again for doing a swap with me, hun :) x

  6. Oh wow these all look so good- especially the eye shadow palette!!!!

    Ooh the NYX Cottage Cheese (lol I love names of some products) sounds perfect!!!! Unfortuantley I've never been able to get my hands on any NYX here in Aus :(

    Aww thankyou for your sweet comments, you are too kind :) The necklace is just a cheap one from a store called Diva and the lipstick is Mac's Lollipop Loving!

    Hope newly married life is going beautifully for you :)

  7. @Sarah: Thank you, hun, the eyeshadow palette is just great, I love every single shade :)

    Hmm, NYX is also unavailable in Poland, but I ordered from US when I was in Canada.

    Lollipop Loving looks great on you, I remember you thought it didn't suit you, but it definitely does :)

    Take care, sweetheart :) xxx