Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn berry lips

Recently, I've become an obsolute berry shades fiend. I'm very much fond of plums, raspberries, blackberries, red wine, cranberries and anything at all that could even vaguely resemble a ripe color of autumn fruit.

I'd been lusting a berry lipstick shade ever since I came from holidays, but didn't want to splurge anymore on make-up. Luckily, when rummaging through my make-up drawer, I found this little beauty: NYX Long Lip pencil in the shade Deep Purple. I usually dab a bit of lip balm or petroleum jelly onto the lips and follow with the lip pencil tilted sideways, so that the color doesn't come off that intense. Of course you could also use the tip and achieve a more dramatic look, that'd be perfect for a night out. The advantages of using this pencil are that it's very buildable, it's dirt cheap plus it'll last you ages; I've been using it almost every day for 2 weeks and it still doesn't need to be sharpened.

Today I paired it with a silvery taupe smokey eye using Covergirl eyeshadow in Tapestry Taupe on the lid and Benefit Creaseless Cream eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans in the outer V.

I also used some NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese as inner corner and brow highlight. I think it might be a good dupe for Benefit Eyebright or Mr. Frosty, so I'd recommend to check the NYX ones out before you decide to splurge on the more costly alternatives.

What is your favorite lip combo lately?


  1. This colour suits you sooooooooo well! Love it love it love it! You look beautiful, sweetie. x

  2. @Natalia: Thank you, hun :) I think I might not be a nude lip gal after all... xxx

  3. STUNNINg! love the color on you my dear. How is married life treating you?? :) Ahhh im so happy your back.. and now your a MRS!!! hahah :)) xxox

  4. @Tali: Thanks, sweetie :) It's a hard life because we're already apart, hubby's in Vancouver working and I'm here in Warsaw studying. Take care, hun :) xxx

  5. you look gorgeous - colour really suits you x

  6. @Saskia: Thank you, sweetie... I think berry shades go quite well with my coloring and I was debating the other day whether to buy a different berry shade lipstick, but wasn't really in the mood for shopping, because I skipped on it... But maybe next week? ;) xxx