Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthday gifts

I have a lot to show and tell, but I can't really prioritise the pending posts, so I thought today I could share with you what I got for my birthday.

Remember my birthday wishlist? I almost got everything I asked for and some things I didn't.

My lovely husband got me Burberry perfume (I love it!), Benefit's Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans (my favorite shade right now) and a handbag (it didn't photograph well, so it's not included in the photo, but I carry it with me every day). The perfume is perfect; sweet but not overbearingly, with an undertone of a more heavy scent, and I really like the design of the bottle, it looks so pretty on my desk... As for the eyeshadow, thanks to it I get complimented on my make-up really often lately, even from my mum, which really says something about how pretty and shimmery it shows up on the eyelids.

In the photo you can also see the most beautiful letter knife I've ever seen in my life which a good friend bought for me on her trip to China, as well as two make-up brushes from my mother-in-law. She said she didn't know what the fan brush was for, but she thought it'd look pretty in my brush cup... She also gave me a jar full of milk and honey scented bath salt (yum!), Mateusz's sisters got me a yellow toy monster to cuddle, and his grandma... a pair of black thongs. Interesting, huh?

My mum gave me those earrings which I adore and was really upset when I nearly lost them on a beach in Cyprus. Luckily, I found the missing earring among my shoe laces.

As you can see here, I'm really tanned right now (as for my standards) and also I'm very much into berry shades lately. But that's a subject for a separate post, I think...

What's your favorite shade for the autumn? xxx


  1. Happy belated birthday, sweetie!!!

    You look so beautiful. I love the shade of your skin right now, it's peachy and simply gorgeous. Presents look and sound great. I love the knife and I also like the smell of Burberry.
    As for my favourite shades. I love blues and adore certain shades of caramel, chocolate and cream, with cool undertones, sort of dark chocolate for chocolate, for example. :) I also adore the shade of dark cherries, I think it looks beautiful in autumn.

    Have a wonderful weekend, gorgeous!


  2. @Natalia: Thank you, hun :)

    I also like how tanned I am right now, I discovered that I can actually wear shades that used to look terrible on me, like lilac for example.

    I am really into ultramarine lately! Caramel and dark chocolate sound fabulous, I think they make a really sophisticated combo. As for dark cherries, that's one of my favorite lipstick colors for F/W, I think I'll have to get myself a shade like this :)

    Have an amazing Sunday too, elegant! xxx

  3. You look gorgeous!!!!!!! I cant wait to see more pics from you! Thanks god you found the earing.. you were so lucky!! lol.. i always lose one earing :/

    My fave autums shade is warm peach!! xxx

  4. @Tali: Thanks, hunnie :) I was really relieved when I found the earring, usually I never do and have lots of solitary ones laying around...

    Warm peach sounds good :) xxx

  5. Hi Rocaille:
    I know this is a bit random, but I think that beautiful "letter opener" your friend got you is an antique hairpin instead...
    This is how mine looks like. (They flattened /sharpen the base so that it's easy to stick it in a thick bun).

  6. Hi Citrine!

    Thanks so much for letting me know :) I was thinking it might be a hairpin too, but the flattened edge confused me ;) Yours is so beautiful as well! Take care :) xxx