Sunday, October 11, 2009

My hen's night

I finally settled on chronological order in my ramblings, I thought that might be easier to follow, plus, I'm trying to build some drama here before I show you the photos from The Big Day.

My hen's night took place one week before our wedding. It was a total surprise party, I wasn't even entirely sure who was going to be there, and one of the biggest surprises was that my mum-in-law was not only the participant, but one of the main conspirers.

The evening started in my high school, which is the place where I met my husband, at that time, a senior. I was forced out of my clothes and into this cheerful outfit (honestly, I'd seen that coming):

You wouldn't believe how many guys think such an outfit looks attractive.

The only time I'd been allowed to drink something alcoholic in the high school building.

The girls were dressed as my 'gang' in hats, black trousers and white shirts, so we certainly drew a lot attention walking on one of the main streets in Warsaw with me interviewing male volunteers on the aspects of married life (that was after having climbed a 5 metre wall, breaking a nail and drinking lots of champagne on the way). The questions included: 'What does a good wife do for her husband?' (answers varying from 'Everything', 'She has to cook him a spaghetti/ an Apfelstrudel' to 'Nothing'), 'Will I be a good wife?' (after some intense evaluation of my looks: 'Sure you will') and 'What advice would you have for my future husband?' ( 'Go out with your wife, she seems such a party girl').

On duty.

That's me, vodka and tea.

Then we headed for a pub in the Old Town, where I was put to the test if I know Mateusz well, and if I answered wrong, I had to drink a shot of vodka. Of course, the quiz was very tricky and I drank a lot... But after completing that competition I was given a backpack full of presents, some a bit obscene, some made by the girls themselves. These were my favorite: a decoupage decorated breadboard, a customized recipe book, a 'Good wife's guide' and a photobook with the photos of me in every possible situation, thematically ordered and commented. I was properly moved, I think I've never been given so many beautiful, carefully thought-out and prepared gifts.

The night ended in Platinium, a high-end night club near the National Theatre, where I could burn some of that alcohol by dancing my butt of. I collapsed into bed at about 3.30 am.

I was greatly touched by the effort the girls made to prepare everything and I think we had an amazing time. What was the most memorable situation you had at a hen's party?


  1. AMAZING! Now i wanna see THE photos!!

  2. awwww! i love the creativity that went into all of this! you have a great group of friends (and MIL...who btw, i would have been shocked to see at mine!)

    Most memorable situation--either capturing VERY incriminating photos at a friend's that I had helped to throw, or perhaps having to wear a garter on my leg (at my own)..paired with a short dress, which guys actually commented positively on! I felt about $2 LOL.

  3. This sounds like so much fun!! I cannot wait to see the pix of the big day! xxx

  4. @Tali: Hahah, ok, ok :) xxx

    @Ane: I can imagine you wearing a garter... actuallly the guys at the club we went to really appreciated my pink mini skirt, but the bouncer told me to leave the pink feathers outside ;( xxx

    @loveaudrey: I'm preparing a good selection for you :) xxx

  5. looks like your girls made a really good fuss of you!