Thursday, April 9, 2009

April collective haul

Finally, I was able to put it together :) I went Easter shopping today and bought some more items, so here it goes!

 Hair products (from left to right):
Aussie Aussome Volume Hair Spray - Maximum Hold
TRESemmé vitamin-enriched Heat Tamer Spray
CONAIR Instant Heat 1'' ceramic curling iron

Make-up related products (from left to right and top to bottom):
MAC Brush Cleanser
Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Seashells 11
Rimmel Vinyl Lipgloss in East End Snob
Softlips lipbalm in Honeydew Melon
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW20

I can't say much about these products yet, because they're brand new (except for the curling iron, which I have used once). I am not much of a hair person, especially now that my hair are sort of 'no-particular-hairstyle-waiting-for-the-wedding' and I usually just put them back in a ponytail. However, I have been recently pulled into hair styling using a curling iron, so I bought that and some hair stuff to help me achieve the desired look. I decided to buy TRESemmé because it's supposed to be 'professional' quality, and then Aussie hairspray because I've heard it has a very nice scent - we'll see about that tomorrow.

As for the make-up related stuff... Today I went to MAC store for the first time in my life and bought my first MAC products. I know it may sound shocking for you, but until very recently MAC was altogether unavailable in Poland, and then it is quite pricey, especially if you're not working... So I really had to convince myself that I deserve this little treat. It's quite funny, I went there in the middle of the day and thought I would have a lot of time to play around and discuss stuff with a make-up artist, but they were incredibly busy and I had to stick with a quick decision. I was eyeing Studio Finish concealer for a while, so I got that, but I was really surprised when the artist color-matched me with NW20 shade, because I was rather debating between NC15 and NW15. I'm hoping it's the right shade!

After that I went to Rexall wanting to buy some NYX lippies. It was a huge disappointment when I realised they carry NYX products EXCEPT for lip products :( So I got Rimmel Vinyl Lipgloss in East End Snob instead.

I think I'm going to post reviews of some of these products. If you'd like to know my opinion about any of them in particular, just let me know. Have a nice evening!


  1. Hi, I like the haul. It mac artist matched you right. You never wear really light colour underneath the eye especially in a yellow shade because you end up looking greyish and chalky. The NW family is more like a skin colour and that's what you want, a little brighter but not too much. I usually match my skin in concealer I never go too light. This product is tough to work with take a bit and leave on fingertip to warm up and always wear eye cream before hand to help smooth out product. Tap and blend motion.
    Sorry for the long comment, used to work there so I know how that product can be and why nw is better than nc. Please let me know about East End Snob lipgloss, I'm debating if I should buy or not, post pic okay? :)

  2. Hi Nadia, thanks a lot for the comment :) I meant to use the concealer to cover mostly redness and some blemishes, but if it matches my skin color well, it still should be ok... I will defo give you my opinion about the lipgloss and I'll sure post some pictures! XoXo