Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FOTD: Lipstick on my cheeks and Update

Hello hello beauties! I was so wrapped up yesterday in work and housework that I didn't manage to post anything for you... And somehow today I feel like so many things I want to blog about have accumulated and want to come out NOW! But I'd better restrain myself from rambling and distribute all that for a couple of days.

So, here's another (not very original) FOTD for you. Recently I am all about summery make-up with brighter eyeshadow colors, golden hues and lots of shimmery bronzer. Today I acted like a real professional (see Pixiwoo) and I used some lipstick on my cheeks (Avon & NYX) and some cream eyeshadow (Revlon) on my lips.

I have a bit of a problem with light lipstick shades, because they all accentuate any flakiness on my lips. And my lips are flaky almost all the time, despite being exfoliated and moisturized. How weird is that?

On to the update: there's one more Illamasqua contest look coming up this week, a GOSH haul which I'm SO excited about, another Ins & Outs as well as some product reviews. Since I didn't get any comment on my last 'informative' review, I assume you like the old format better. Also, let me know if you'd be interested in reading about my clothes/ jewellery or just anything else you might want to see (or see more) on my blog.

Cheers! xxx


  1. You have a beautiful glow! It looks amazing!
    And yes, id love to see how you style your outfits...im sooo nosey!
    Love reading your blog.x

  2. Thanks, hun, you're such a sweetheart :)I will include some outfits on my blog then! xxx