Monday, April 13, 2009

My perfume collection

There's a bit of perfume blogging going on right now, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon :) 

Here's my collection, from left to right: Carolina Herrera 212, Givenchy Fleur d'Interdit and Eau de Franck Olivier

All of these were gifts from different people, and of course they somehow remind me of these persons. For everyday, I use Eau de Franck Olivier, which was a birthday gift from my fiance. The head of this perfume is composed of raspberry, peach, plum and grapefruit, its base features sandal wood, iris, Spanish honey and Burbon vanilla, and the heart follows with Bulgarian rose, jasmin and violet. As you can see, it's a very sweet fruity-flowery scent which reminds me of candy and summer. I also really like the bottle, my fiance describes it as a 'little shell'. Cute!

For more of a special occasion, like a night out, I wear Fleur d'Interdit

“Forbidden Flower” is the perfume by Givenchy House introduced in 1994 pictured as a flower in imaginative Heaven garden, eternally bloomed and protected. It is dedicated to all young women of the world who strive for romantic daydreaming, and made of floral aquatic notes of dreams. This perfume, designed by Daniel Moliere, who in top notes cozily put juicy peach, raspberries and melon. The heart notes seduce with its floral experience provided by cyclamen, rose, lilac, violet, jasmine, orchid and lily-of-the-valley along with the base notes consisting of heliotrope, sandal, vanilla and orris. The designer of the bottle is Pochet Courval. The bottle is incorporated with floral lace in the middle, translucent and made of glass. (

It certainly is quite an old perfume, but then, I think I got it in 1994, when I was 8 years old, from my parents' friend, just when it was released. He was a Polish count living in France, and he made his fortune as a Formule 1 driver. He liked me a lot back then and used to spoil with gifts like this one. Unfortunately, my parents are no longer in touch with him; I say 'unfortunately' not because of the presents, but because he was a fascintaing man with great stories to tell.

I used only a little bit of it, firstly because I use it only occasionally, and secondly because it is very strong and long-wearing, so I virtually spritz my neck once and I can still feel it on my skin after 24 hours. My mum also loves this one and steals some of it from time to time :)

I don't have any specific use for Carolina Herrera 212, but I think it is more of a summery perfume. I got it from my thankful student before setting off to Canada, so that was really nice of her. 

With its sweet persona, 212 comes on soft with gardenia and camellias, then surprises you with an off-beat kick of musky undertones. It's a delightful homage to the playfully hip, modern woman who never forgets her femininity. (

I am not too fond of the bottle, though, because it's too fancy, heavy and quite unhandy. It's supposed to look like a tennis ball tube, but what is good for tennis balls is not that good for perfume, in my humble opinion. Anyhow, I might switch to this one in a month or so, just to have something different :)

What are your favorite perfumes right now?

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  1. I love when a gift can be kept and the person remembered each time you take it out again! Lovely post!

    ps, for some reason my computer is being funny and wont let me sign in probably wont say who this is from but its me, from stephaniemcmakeup.