Friday, April 17, 2009

Help! I need somebody...

Good evening everyone, I am sorry to post this at such an hour... I was a really looong day for me. I spent all this nice, warm day enclosed in my apartment, editing and translating my company's webpage, and I've just finished an online English class. Uff!

I wanted to blog about my new dress I got for mere $19.99 yesterday at Stitches and show you a pic of it, but of course my BF took the camera with him in his backpack, and I can't take any pictures for you :( But I will try tomorrow. Anyhow, I am not in my best mood today, so I decided to cheer myself up with some online shopping...

Lately I've been eyeing some more NYX goodies, especially their lip stuff. I decided to order from again (even though they didn't send me one of the items I payed for last time), and I am quite hesitant about their Round Lipstick shades. Of course I know that their swatches combined with the swatches at NYX webpage are simply outrageous, so I've done some research, and I am pretty sure I want Thalia and Strawberry Milk. I am also thinking of Tea Rose, but haven't decided yet. You can see I am into pinks lately, and I prefer satin/matte finish to frosts or pearls, as I have also heard that their mattes have better color pay-off, and you can always pair that with a gloss. I might also order one Round Lipgloss and I am looking for a nice light/baby pink shade, but not too much on the cool side. 

So, what would be your favorite NYX Round Lipstick shade? Could you recommend something for a wearable pink lover like me?

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