Monday, April 27, 2009

What I am reading right now: "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Greene

An excerpt from the back cover:

" And once again Robert Greene identifies the rules of a timeless, amoral game and explores how to cast a spell, break down resistance, and, ultimately, compel a target to surrender. The Art of Seduction takes us through the characters and qualities of the ten archetypal figures of seduction (including the Siren, the Ideal Lover, the Dandy, the Natural, the Charismatic, and the Star) and the twenty-four maneuvers by which anyone can overcome a victim's futile resistance to the practice of this devastating and timeless art form." 

Well, I can honestly say that I am NOT planning to seduce anyone at the moment, but I started reading this book a few years ago and I remember that what interested me most in it were the 'archetypal figures of seduction'. Basically, the author analyzes lifes of great seducers from our history (Cleopatra, Marylin Monroe, Rudolph Valentino, Casanova but also Gabriele d'Annunzio and Lou Andreas-Salome, who happens to be the ultimate love of my favorite poet, Rainer Maria Rilke) and the key characteristics that made them so attractive to other people. Robert Greene shows different ways of being seductive, some of which quite surprising and not what immediately comes to mind when you think about the word. I am not so keen on the 'manipulative' side of the book, which tells you how to conquer and enslave others, but I'm looking forward to some tips on how to appear more appealing to my fiance... The other interesting mental game involved in reading this book is trying to analyze your own seductive potential and basically which archetype seems most like you. Am I like theatrical Cleopatra (the Siren) or like masculine Lou Salome (the Dandy)? A fascinating read for anyone interested in biographies of some famous people and in developing their sociotechnic skills.

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