Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Toes of the day and a little experiment

So I've had this Sally Girl  nailpolish I brought from Seattle for quite a while now and never got to using it. Since it's really pointless to give myself a manicure (yes, I mean climbing), I decided to try it on my toes and make a little experiment out if it.

So the shade I purchased is called 'Not My Type' and it's my first dark nailpolish in years, I have to admit. I remember it looked brownish in the store, but it's actually a very deep berry color with a slight purple shimmer in the bottle, which unfortunately doesn't show up when applied. I love how tiny that bottle is (5.3 ml/ 0.18 fl oz), because first I wasn't sure how such a dark shade would look on my nails and second, I've never used up a whole regular bottle of nailpolish. And I think it costed me something like $1! This is what it looks like paired with Inglot Mega Shine topcoat:

I decided to make a little experiment for you and report in detail how I like it in terms of the quality, application and wearing (fading of color/shine and chipping).

As for the quality, I have to say I am not impressed at all. The consistency is quite thick and it sort of 'drags' on the nail, and the pigmentation is quite poor in my opinion. The little brush and short handle make the application a total pain in the ass: there's too little polish on the brush to cover the surface of the nail, so you have to dip it in the bottle several times, and being so short, it's difficult to maneuver. It goes on streaky so you definitely need 2 coats, and it doesn't fill any ridges, so the finished effect doesn't look that smooth and polished.

Now I'm going to test how it wears for a week or so, exposing it to the ultimate 'Climbing Shoe Test'. If you've ever tried climbing, you'll know what I mean. Climbing shoes are extremely tight and what I've noticed so far is that they caused lighter shades of nailpolish to darken, adding a greyish patina to the surface. I will report back in a week's time and tell you all about it :)

Have you had any experience with Sally Girl nailpolish?

It's been a little bit over a week now, and I have both good and bad news. Good news is that because the color is so dark, I haven't noticed any darkening even after wearing climbing shoes. The bad news is that it chipped at 3 nails, some of them in really random places. All in all, I have to say I'm not a big fan of this nailpolish, and for a comparable price, I would opt for Miss Sporty (plus, this one's available in Poland, unlike Sally Girl).

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