Sunday, April 26, 2009

GOSH haul, swatches and review

I am profiting of the occasion that my BF has gone climbing and I have a moment to myself... Here's a promised GOSH haul with swatches and a quick review.

First of all, I got these items at an incredible sale at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadian drugstore). I think eyeliners were $5 CAD each (with the exception of the gold one, which I bought later for my Illamasqua contest look no. 2) and the lipgloss was $4. This is more or less 70% off the regular price.  You see, I just couldn't resist such a bargain!

Unfortunately, the color don't have any names, there's a key to them on the picture above. The swatch is pretty true to the actual colors. 

And here's how the eyeliners and the lipgloss look when used as a part of the make-up:

All these eyeliners are very vibrant and absolutely waterproof. They come in an amazing range of colors, both neutrals and brights. The consistency is quite thick compared to normal liquid eyeliners, and probably thanks to this there's absolutely no smudging or fading throughout the day. My favorite color is the deep green, I think it's great for everyday, neutral looks. However, it's very easy to get these liners on your eyelashes when applying, and being waterpoof, they take long to dry and are difficult to remove, but these are only downfalls I've noticed so far. All in all, I would recommend these if you're after some outstanding eyeliner shades.

The lipgloss is a lovely, summery raspberry pink with shimmer. It is also pretty thick, but not too  sticky, and well pigmented. It has no scent or flavor whatsoever. It looks very nice on the lips, it sort of lifts the whole face, as it is a rather warm shade. I wore it yesterday when dining out with friends and it stays on the lips for a reasonable amount of time. I guess it's nothing revolutionary, but still quite a good gloss and I'm glad I got it, especially considering the price!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine! Thanks for stopping by :) xxx


  1. Those colours look interesting, going to have to check them out. Thanks for the review :) xxNadia

  2. Look how beautifully you do your winged eyeliner - I have yet to perfect that, even after SO much practice!

  3. oooh pretty!!! gosh you are so gorgeoussss! I love your eyemakeup it's sooo delicate and fresh. Just beautiful!

  4. @ Ondine: well, I always do it better on one eye... It's really difficult to make the eyes matching! But I will be testing out new items for that next month :)

  5. @ Sarah: Thank you, dear, and congrats on winning the contest! I am jealous of all your goodies ;)