Friday, April 24, 2009

Early Spring Ins and Outs

Looks like the time for my yays and nays has finally come! I got really inspired by how Ondine did hers, so I pilfered the idea (hope she doesn't mind!).

Silk bow-tie blouse:
1. The new coral earrings that came in a package from my mum! My BF says they look like strawberries. I didn't have any in red and it's one of my favorite colors, so good choice, Mum :)
2. Cinnamon cappuccino. I started sprinkling the froth of my homemade cappuccino with cinnamon, and it tastes and smells absolutely yummy. I like coffee that tastes like a dessert.

3. Using my Sephora no. 4 blush brush for bronzer and Quo Bronzing brush for blush. I tried this combo yesterday and despite being a bit irrational, it actually works better than the 'obvious' way. Anyhow, I feel new love for my Sephora brushes; they're much cheaper than MAC (maybe half the price?), they're available everywhere in Poland, they carry lots of types, much more than 2-3 years ago, and the quality is great - no shedding whatsoever! Me thinks, I might ramble about them in a separate post...
4. GOSH Extreme Art waterproof eyeliners. This stuff is seriously vibrant and waterproof, the only downfall being that it gets easily on my lashes.
5. Spring, sunny, warm weather in Vancouver!

Cotton wholesale tee made in China:
1. Elevation works in my building. Oh, isn't it lovely to wake up in the morning to the sound of drilling/scraping and a happy silhouette of a worker just outside the window pane? No!
2. Terrible nails. My cuticles are going crazy and my nails are cut the shortest possible, all thanks to our frequent trips to a climbing gym. I can't be bothered anymore to apply nail polish, since it would be gone after 5 minutes spent there. And I WANT summery, bright colors on my nails!
3. Rimmel Vinyl Gloss. Well, that was a disappointment. Moreover, I've noticed that I never use my Maybelline Shine Seduction gloss in Pink Whisper. 

It's a gorgeous shade, very light pink with pink, silver and purple shimmer, but it is sheer and sticky... Maybe I'm turning into a lipstick gal after all?
4. Having to wait over a month to have my Cherry Culture haul delivered. To cut a long story short, I decided to send it over to my brother in NYC to save on shipping and taxes, and my parents will get it to me when they come to visit in May. Patience!

On a different note, Coastal Scents are having a weekend sale ending on April 26 midnight EST, everything on the website is 15% off! I'm defo going to use this, I have been eyeing a couple of brushes and gel eyeliners for a while... Any recommendations?

Take care!

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  1. Hey hey, of course I don't mind! btw - I solved my Sephora problem..Im' off to Italy next week and i forgot that they have Sephora over there!
    I'm with you on the cinnamon. I love cinnamon anything and everything.