Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alter Ego contest entry

Following Illamasqua contest vibes, I decided to further explore my alter ego, which in practice means participating in Posey's contest (hurry up, guys, there're only 4 days left to enter!). The rules are that you have to post 2 photos, one of your true self, the other one of your hidden alter ego.

Here's my true self:  'Everygirl' who always prefers to play it safe. (Ok, my hair is a bit wild in the photo, but you get the gist...)

My alter ego: 'Stunning Siren' (heheh). Charming, mysterious and bold. No one can resist her magnetism :) Better watch your man!

The make-up was inspired by Dior Fall 2004 look I found when researching 'fashion make-up'. The colors are not that vibrant in the photos, but the lid color is pink with a hint of purple in the inner corner, eyeliner is dark green, and there's quite a bit of white under the eye, on the lower lashline. I also used a lot of bronzer and highlighter for this look.

Hope you like it! Thanks to Posey for hosting the contest; check her blog out, I think her reviews are really honest and sensible, as well as helpful, of course! Have a great one, ladies :) xxx


  1. This is stunning!!! Even without makeup you look like a stunning siren, you are so flawless and naturally beautiful! Love the eyes, very sexyyyy!!

  2. You can't get anymore beautiful. Gorgeous! xxNadia

  3. @ Sarah: Thank you, hun - just bear in mind that you've actually never seen me without make-up, the first one is with some minimal amount of concealer/foundation on... I wouldn't dare to post a bare face photo, I am afraid ;( Thanks for the compliment, though! xxx

  4. @ Nadia: Thank you, sweetheart! I must say that Anna is a lucky girl, the swap she received from you was amazing, I loved the scarf and the purple bag and... well, everything :) You're such a nice person! xxx

  5. Wow - gorgeous. You should do a little tutorial on how to do those beautiful eyes!

  6. @Ondine: I think I'd be quite terrible with the tutorials, it actually took me ages to achieve this look, but maybe it's because I tried it for the first time... But if you're interested, I could post a list of products or something :) xxx